Tourist Visa Consultants

Tourist Visa Consultants

When people plan a trip, they think of every necessary detail that is essential during the journey. However, if you are planning a trip outside India. You need a tourist visa for it. To obtain, it requires time, patience, money, the right information, and much more. To get accurate details of the process, you must connect with the tourist visa consultants.

Visitor visa consultants are experts in this field and know the updated information that may be essential in obtaining your tourist visa. Sernexuss is the tourist visa consultant, who can assist you in this journey with our valuable services.

The Importance of Tourist Visa Consultants

 Undoubtedly, visitor visa advisors play a crucial role in applicants’ lives when it comes to traveling to various countries. As they don’t know anything about the process, documents, essential requirements, processing time, and so on. They connect with the tourist visa consultants that assist them with all these details.

Tourist visa advisors make sure you have gathered all the essential documents needed during the application process. They understand your issue and the complexity of the application process. Visitor visa consultants ensure you have a safe and happy journey.

Why we are the best Tourist Visa Consultants?

 There are thousands of immigration consultancy in the world. But why only we are the best tourist visa consultants? Being a top-notch visitor visa advisor is not that easy, but we have made it by offering valuable time and services to clients.

Sernexuss has helped lakhs of applicants to have a wonderful journey in their desired country. Sometimes, clients don’t have a clue where they should go on their holidays, our experts help them to choose the right country to save their time and money.

We have been offering services for more than 20 years now and still we are unbeatable by other immigration consultants. Sernexuss understands applicants’ needs and offers a personalized solution that meets their itinerary plans.

During the consultancy, we don’t hide anything and tell clients everything in detail. Also, we are transparent with the service charges which creates trust between the clients and us.

What are the services offered by us?

 Before choosing any immigration consultant, applicants want to know about the services offered by the immigration consultancy. The services that make us the best tourist visa consultants are:

Documentation Assistance

Sernexuss experts keep you on reminding about to gather all the necessary documents for application. Having all the proper documents decreases the chance of rejection.

Application Form Completion

Many of the applicants face the problem while filling out the application form as they don’t know how to fill it properly. Our immigration experts are well-versed in this process and assist them in filling out the application form correctly and with precise information.


Communication is key to connecting with the clients and the immigration authorities. Our experts establish valuable communication with immigration regulators which is important during the application process. If any clients have any issues, the tourist visa consultants address them on their behalf.

Pre-Interview Preparation

Interview is the step where it can increase or decrease your chance of getting a tourist visa. Few countries require applicants to attend the interview as a part of the process. Sernexuss immigration professionals prepare you in the best way.

Travel Itinerary Planning

During the application process, a well-structured traveling plan is necessary. Connecting with our experts helps to create detailed itineraries. It includes accommodation bookings, traveler’s intentions, sightseeing plans, and much more.

How to choose the right tourist visa consultants?

Applicants must choose the right visitor visa consultants to acquire the right information. It’s a crucial step as it helps you to get a visa. Here are the steps to choose the right tourist visa consultants:

Check Accreditation

The first and main step is to check whether it is IRCC-registered or not. Sernexuss is an Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship, Canada (IRCC)-registered consultant. You can check it by visiting the official website of the IRCC and mentioning the details in the form.


Experience is essential in the immigration process. So, look for consultants who have a track record of assisting clients for several years. Try to take recommendations from family and friends who have used their expertise before.

Expertise in countries

Choose tourist visa consultants who have expertise in different countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, the UK, and so on.


Make sure during the consultation, that the visitor visa advisor tells you about every detail. It includes service charges, processing fees, consultation charges, etcetera.


Connect with Sernexuss, the leading immigration consultant. If you live in Delhi, you can connect with the tourist visa consultants in Delhi, who can assist you in getting your visitor visa.

Sernexuss immigration experts make sure you have a safe journey. So, feel free to connect with us and start your application process.