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Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Canada PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) is designed for the international candidates who want to flock to Canada and find a job in the nation. If research is to be believed, then approximately 3,41,000 people coming from different countries will apply for the Canada Permanent Resident (PR) visa in 2022 via the Canada Provincial Nominee Program. Canada is a developing country with its industrial sector growing at a swift pace. With that being said, the demand for skilled labour across different industries in Canada is increasing. The country needs a larger workforce to grow rapidly.

To tempt skilled labors from all over the world to contribute to the country’s economy, the Canadian government has introduced a plethora of intriguing immigrant programs that aim to bring more people to the country. Amongst these programs, Canada Provincial Nominee Program is the fastest and effective way to achieve a permanent resident card in Canada and settle down in the country. It is also the best alternative to the Express Entry program. Those who couldn’t clear the Express Entry stage can apply for Canadian Residency through Canada  Provincial nominee program and get quick approval.

All the candidates who hold the Canadian permanent visa get the right to live and work in the country without any restrictions. The applicants enjoy the same benefits as any Canadian citizen, however, a PR visa does not give them the Canada citizenship status. With PR card, you can enjoy the subsidized healthcare services, a proper education system, protection as per the Canadian law, and more. These were only the primary benefits of settling in Canada. Once you have obtained the PR visa, you will be able to explore this nation like locals. Moreover, you can also sponsor your family members and settle down with your family in Canada.

What is the Canada Provincial Nominee Program?

The Provincial Nominee Program allows the states in Canada to pick talented labors straight from the foreign nations. This selection is executed according to the demand for the particular occupation in that state. It is important to note that each province can have different eligibility criteria for the selection of immigrants. It largely depends on the nature of the job and its demand in that particular province. All candidates that meet the eligibility requirements will be nominated by the province.

One of the major advantages of applying through a PNP system is that the applicants who meet the eligibility requirements are given 600 points straight on their Express Entry Profile. Depending on the province, the time taken to process these applications can vary. For example, Saskatchewan ensures a quick selection procedure, while other states may have a lengthy process.

How to Take Part in Canada Provincial Nominee Program?

Gone are the days when submitting an immigrant application and waiting for the results was a time-consuming job. With the advent of online form filling and uncomplicated immigrant laws, the application submission and approval process is performed quickly. However, you must take the professional Immigrant assistance services while filling out the form or applying for Canada provincial nominee program. Not only will it make the process smoother, but ensure that you haven’t missed out on any document or essential information.

You can apply for the Canada PNP in the following ways:
  • Apply for Canada PNP via the Express Entry program linked stream.
  • Participate in the Provincial Nominee Program directly from their official website.
Express Entry Linked Stream

If you are applying through the Express Entry system, you need to clearly state the reason for obtaining the PR visa and your intention of working in a particular province in Canada. Considering these details, the particular province you have mentioned in the form will decide whether or not your application is eligible to be shortlisted. If the province selects the candidate and approves your application, you will receive a Notification of Interest (NOI).

Applying Straight Through the Official Website

If you want to apply directly for the provincial nominee program, you can visit the official page of the particular province and submit the required documents to prove your eligibility. The state’s government will look into your application and send Canada’s PR invitation if your application is up to their requirements.

Eligibility Requirements for Canada Provincial Nominee Program

As mentioned before, every province has the right to prepare its eligibility criteria according to the gap in the labor supply and demand in the state. They can invite the applications, check them to determine the proficiency of the candidate, and hand over the nomination to the candidate. Even though the eligibility could vary from province to province.

There are certain requirements you must meet to get the nomination from the state.

  • You must be 21 years or above to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program.
  • Your education and qualification should match the minimum education requirement of the province.
  • You must clear either the English or French language test to prove your knowledge and proficiency in the formal languages of Canada. For English speakers, IELTS will work. If you know French, you can appear in the TEF test and submit the results to the particular province.
  • You must have the minimum work experience in your profession. The minimum experience you must possess is decided by the province.
  • Your application will be evaluated on the point-based assessment grid.
  • Your work or profession must be from the NOC list.
Documentation required for the Provincial Nominee Program

No matter which program you choose, the immigration process requires a lot of paperwork. You need to submit your ID documents, qualification proof, character and medical certificates, photographs, passport, and other such papers for assessment. You’ll need to submit certain documents along with the application. Though documents required for the PNP are the same, the state can include additional documents according to their needs.

General documents needed for Canada Provincial Nominee Program include:

  • Language proficiency test results.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Bank statements, assets, and other proof of funds.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Canada visa and passport.
  • Educational credentials such as certificates, diploma, and degree.
  • Letter of recommendations issued by your past employers.
  • Educational credentials of your spouse.
  • Medical certificates.
  • Character certificates issued by the police department.
  • A valid copy that verifies the nomination you received from the particular state in Canada.
  • Declaration by the family member, dependent, and candidate.
Categories of Provincial Nominee Program in Canada

Canadian states have come up with several Provincial Nominee Program categories that are specifically designed to bring talented candidates from foreign countries to Canada.

The most popular programs are as follows:

  • British Columbia Nomination program.
  • Prince Edwards Island Immigration Nominee Program.
  • Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program.
  • Alberta Immigration Nominee Program.
  • Nova Scotia Immigration Nominee Program.
  • Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program.
  • New Brunswick Immigration Nominee Program.
  • Newfoundland Immigration Nominee Program.
Why Choose Sernexuss for the PNP visa application process 2022?

Sernexuss focuses on providing clients with personalized services. We listen to your requirements and check whether you meet the eligibility criteria or not. Depending on the provincial nominee program you choose, we match your educational credentials and language proficiency. We guide you throughout the PNP process and help you get quick approval from the provincial government.

Whether you need help with the paperwork or tests, Sernexuss is available round the clock to provide you with proper guidance. From the application stage to the preparation for PR documentation, we assist at every step.

Frequently Asked Questions

Launched in 2015, the Express Entry program allows candidates to get permanent residency in Canada. They can live and work in any part of Canada. However, the candidates who have applied through the provincial nominee program can only work and live in the particular province that has nominated them for migration. Basically, the candidate can shift in another state after completing the 2-years of minimum stay period in a particular province. However, they’ll need to complete the legal formalities to get an entry in another state.

The time taken for the completion of the PNP procedure can vary from state to state. For example, Manitoba and Saskatchewan complete the provincial nominee program within 4-5 months. The selection time depends on the province you have applied for and the demand for your skills in that area.

You can apply for the Provincial Nominee Program in the following ways:

  • You can submit the application straight from the official website of the particular province.
  • You can send the application via Express Entry Program (each candidate will receive 600 extra points if they have received the nomination for migration from a state in Canada.

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