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Canada Super Visa

This visa is for overseas individuals who want their parents or grandparents to stay in Canada with them for a temporary period. The Canadian super visa is a kind of temporary visa that authorizes the parents & grandparents to visit Canada as long-term visitors.

To apply , the candidate must be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. Achieving a super visa to Canada is not so complex but the candidate has to meet all the required eligibility criteria to apply for this visa in Canada.

The eligible candidate for a parent and grandparent visa can visit Canada to meet their family and stay there for continuously for five years from the day of their entry in Canada.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria of a Canada Parents Visa?

To be an eligible candidate, the applicant must meet all the Canadian Super Visa requirements. Firstly, to be eligible for the Canada SV, the candidate should be the parents or grandparents of Canadian citizen or permanent resident of a Canada. A dependent of a parent or grandparent are not considered eligible under the super visa but they can come along with them through a visitor visa. Before entering Canada, the super visa should be found permissible to enter and must meet some required conditions.

The Visa officer reviews various factor to decide whether a candidate should be admissible to the country or not. The candidate should be able to prove the officer that they do not have any other intention of staying or working in Canada and they will return to their home country.

The officer considers the following things:

  • The candidate’s connection to their native country.
  • Their motive of visit.
  • The financial stability of candidates and their families.
  • The economic and political stability of the native country.
  • Invitation from the Canadian hosts.
What Are the Canadian Requirements?

There are various documents needed to fulfill the Canadian visa requirements. A parent and Grandparent, whose child or grandchild lives in Canada, can stay in Canada for five years without renewing their status.

The requirements are as follows:

  • A complete and submitted IMM5257 form that should be filled outside the Canada.
  • Financial stability of parents or grandparents and their host.
  • Invitation Letter
  • Medical Certificates
  • Prove Canadian medical coverage insurance (for minimum 1 year)

Letter of Invitation format must include:

  • Complete name and middle name of parents
  • Date of Birth/Country of Birth
  • Parent/grandparent address and phone number
  • Relationship to the host
  • The motive of the visit
  • How long the parent/grandparent intends to live
  • Details of accommodation
  • Date the parent/grandparent intends to go back
How to apply ?

Applying for a Canadian visa can be done in the two steps and they are as follows:

1. Prepare your documents

The candidates willing to visit Canada and apply for this visa should prepare the following documents beforehand:

  • Letter of Invitation received from their child or grandchild residing in Canada as a permanent resident or as a Canadian citizen
  • The child or grandchild’s must show that they have enough amount of funds for their parents and grandparents that meet the minimum requirements of them
  • Proof of payment for medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company
  • Medical examination certificate

2. Apply to the IRCC

Once the candidate prepares all the documents for the Canada Super visa application, they can submit an application online to the IRCC portal,

What Are the Minimum Income Requirements for a Canada Super Visa?

The candidate applying for a Canada Super visa, their child/ grandchild should meet the minimum income requirements to be eligible for the super visa, also known as the low-income cut-off (LICO).

 Family Size Minimum Income Required (CAD)
1 Person (the sponsor)24,949 CAD
2 People31,061 CAD
3 People38,185 CAD
4 People46,362 CAD
5 People52,583 CAD
6 People59,304 CAD
7 People66,027 CAD
7 or more people (for each additional person add)6,723 CAD
What Is the Super Visa Canada Fees?

The Super Visa Canada fees for a candidate can cost:

  • The visa application fee: 100 CAD
  • The Biometric fee: 85 CAD
What Is the Processing Time for a Canadian Super Visa for Parents?

Usually it takes up to 89 days processing time for a Canadian Super Visa for parents. Time to process the super visa for Canada also depends on the country you applied or are from.

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