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Business Visa

Most of the countries are pleased to invite businesspersons, entrepreneurs, startups, and high-worth investors through different immigration programs. A business visa is a permit from the government to conduct business works or can own an established business to run.

Every country provides a varied range of business visa programs to immigrants with different requirements and conditions. To obtain a business visa, talk to our immigration experts for the right guidance. They have proper knowledge of how business works and what kinds of businesses you can do in your dream country.

It is a great option for you and your family to settle in a foreign country which leads your pathways for permanent residency. These countries seek budding investors and entrepreneurs who have managerial; experience business abilities with enough personal net worth.

A country like Australia and Canada offers an Immigrants Investment Program which allows them to enter the states with residency status while having current business in their own country.

Benefits of Business Visa

  • Right to use international business prospects
  • Can sponsor your spouse and dependents
  • Enjoy great healthcare, education, and modern living
  • Provide you varied investment policies and insurances for better future
  • Pathway for Permanent Citizenship

Eligibility factors for Entrepreneurs and Business Individuals

  • Business Experience and bank history
  • Earlier Business Profile
  • Proof of funds to set up a business
  • Pathway for Permanent Citizenship
What is the difference between a work permit and a business visa?

As lots of clients ask us this question, we want to inform you both of the visas work for the distinct purpose for International Individuals.

Business Visa holders are allowed to run their business activities, meetings, and possibilities for new business opportunities and that does involve any employment gains or labor working for any company. Although a work permit visa permits you to work in organizations or companies that reflect to be a job or employment.

Processing time for Australia and Canadian Citizenship

The business/investment visa application should be completely submitted through an online portal or to the relevant government office. After this, a reference is provided or issue to the applicants to track their status of visa application.

The applicants should apply atleast 3 months before of the actual plan date. Processing time can vary from country to nationality of the applicants applying from.

Indian Citizens applying for UK Investor Visa have to apply to the UKBA, with a detailed business proposal as well as with additional documents to get approval from the Embassy officers. It takes 3 weeks for the outcome of your application.

For Canadian Citizenship Investment, you can apply through various immigration programs. The applicant needs to show business experience of atleast 2 years within 5 years submitting your application. You and your spouse must have a legal personal net worth of CAD 2 million worth.

The US B-1 Visa for business visitors’ grants permission to investors or business persons to stay for a shorter duration in which they can supervise business matters, attend seminars or conferences, in person consulting, and many more.

To know about different visas and eligibility criteria for different countries, contact with the best immigration consultants in Delhi now!

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