Malta Work Permit Agents In India

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Malta Work Permit Agents In India

Malta is a beautiful and astonishing country. All other nationals come to this territory with the dream of employment opportunities. Malta is a European country and a part of the Schengen area. It is the capital city of Valletta. Malta is well known for its crystalline ocean and white sandy beaches. Where borders are expanding, individuals are going beyond their homeland to explore job prospects.

The process of securing a Malta work permit can be a daunting task for mankind. This is where Malta work permit agents in India play a crucial role in navigating the process for job seekers. Sernexuss Malta work permit agents act as an intermediary between Indian job seekers and employers in Malta.

What is a Malta work Permit?

The Malta work permit allows individuals to work and live in a country for two years with an extendable contract. Applicants can choose employment from various occupations such as hospitality, catering, beauty, health, construction, and technical professions.

Why choose Sernexuss as a Malta work permit agents in India?

Sernexuss has helped thousands of individuals obtain their Malta work permit. Our main aim is to streamline the immigration process and ensure that applicants meet the essential requirements as per the Malta immigration law and procedures.

The following are the reasons for choosing us as a Malta work permit agents in India:-

  • Consultation and Assessment

The journey of immigration starts with the initial consultation, in which Malta work permits counselors to assess the applicant’s qualifications, skills, and career aspirations. Based on these evaluations, they suggest the best jobs and pathways for clients.

  • Documentation Assistance

The necessary documents are essential during the submission of the application. Malta work permit agents assist clients in gathering important indentures, education qualifications, financial proof, etcetera.

  • Application processing

Once applicants gather all the essential documents, it’s time to submit in the appropriate platform. Work permit consultants apply on behalf of the clients. They ensure the applicant’s application is up-to-date and address any inquiries and requests for additional information.

  • Pre-departure Support

Immigrating to another country can be challenging, especially for the first time. Work permit counselors assist clients with travel arrangements, accommodations, and orientation sessions for settling down in a new environment.

  • Post-Arrival Assistance

Malta work permit agents continue to assist applicants upon their arrival in Malta with the process of obtaining residence permits, opening bank accounts, and other essential services.

Benefits of connecting with Malta Work Permit Agents

Several advantages of engaging with Malta work permit agents are:-

  • Possessing comprehensive knowledge of Maltese immigration laws and procedures
  • Keeping up-to-date information related to the application process
  • Connecting with Malta work permit agents saving individuals valuable time and resources
  • Reducing the risk of errors that could lead to rejection of the application
  • Applicants enjoy peace of mind after knowing their application is in the right-hand

How to apply for the Malta Work Permit?

The steps to apply for the Malta work permit are as follows:

  • To apply for a work permit, applicants need a confirmed job offer letter from a Maltese employer
  • The work permit application process depends on the type of employment and the duration of the applicant’s stay. Clients employer may need to apply for the work permit on their behalf
  • Once the work permit is approved, applicants can apply for a work visa at the nearest Maltese embassy in India. Apply for the visa with the required documents, such as passport, employment contacts, proof of sufficient funds, and so on
  • The processing time can vary on the visa the applicant applied for, so it is recommended to apply for the visa in advance for a smooth service
  • After obtaining a Malta work permit, individuals may need to apply for a residence permit within a specific period.


To be able to work in Malta, with its vibrant economy and diverse employment market. Connect with the Malta work permit agents in India to obtain the work permit.


Sernexuss is the best immigration consultant in India who can assist clients in getting a Malta work permit. With expertise and experience in the immigration industry, our immigration consultant has in-depth knowledge of the Malta work permit, which includes its eligibility criteria, documents, and the process to apply.


So, what are you waiting for? Initiate your journey today with Sernexuss to obtain the Malta work permit.

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