Post landing services in Canada

we provide all the post landing services for your arrival to your dream destination

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Post Landing Services in Canada

Have you ever thought about what you’ll do when you go somewhere, like to a different country? Who is going to update you on the basic necessities? Or have you ever considered your source of transportation? What to do when you became a permanent resident of Canada but facing issues in settlement, not that easy right? Never allow yourself to wonder about these things while you are with Sernexuss.

We are here to solve all your queries and prepare you for your arrival in your dream destination.

Post Landing Services

Only 30% of the entire transition process involves immigration. There is a lot of planning that goes into moving to a new place to live and work. Via our comprehensive and individualised settlement services, we take care of the remaining 70% so you can successfully settle in Canada.

We recognise that in different country, without a strong support network, you could feel helpless and alone. Thus, our top-notch post-landing services are created specifically for you in order to provide you with the support and direction you need to quickly and successfully settle abroad.
We provide all post-landing services for your arrival, starting with airport pickup services and ending with assistance in finding decent and affordable lodging.

Post Landing Services That Sernexuss Provide

To help you feel more comfortable when you arrive in Canada, we will provide you with information beforehand. Offering our clients flagship programmes is one of our specialties.

We provide you with guidance on a variety of topics, including the weather, taxation, economical shopping areas, and places of worship.

  • Airport pickup facilities
  • Help and support with landing and movement
  • Financial planning advice
  • Pre landing guidance
  • Accommodation
  • Educational guidelines
  • Health card
  • Transport facilities
  • Social insurance number

Other services offered by us

Immigration is investment in our time and money. Sernexuss firmly believes in satisfying the needs our clients in the best possible way.

Professional’s advice We have experienced professionals in immigration with 16 yrs of combined experience, who provide accurate and error free services.

Documentation It is the most important step in this whole process because it can result in rejection of visa. We handle the complete documentation process for our clients to give them stress-free services.

Deal with different visas Whether you want to obtain permanent resident status through immigration, work overseas to gather experience before applying for a PR visa, or pursue permanent residency through studying abroad, we will guide you to get the most suitable visa without creating any barriers.

Why Sernexuss?

Sernexuss has helped thousands of people successfully immigrate to Canada with their families. Our knowledgeable and experienced immigration experts are capable of accurately evaluating your situation and recommending the best course of action to meet your demands.

We at Sernexuss, are devoted in this dynamic immigration sector, it has amassed a treasury of goodwill and expertise, and has continuously assisted a wide range of aspiring immigrants in realising their international aspirations.

As a highly reputable immigration agency with an impressive track record of thousands of successfully submitted PR Visa applications, we are one of the most well-known names in the immigration industry.

You don’t need to worry about how you’ll reside in the new country. You can contact our specialists at any moment for assistance in an emergency. From the beginning until you settled in your desired location, we would personally help you, guide you, and assist you until you are satisfied with our services.

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