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Canada PR visa

The best thing that Canada offers is number of immigration pathways for people to get Canada PR Visa.

Do you also have queries like, why migrate to Canada? Why Canada PR visa? Why should I choose Canada over other countries? Don’t take stress; we understand, it’s not an easy task to migrate.

But can provide you best guidance to fulfill your immigration desires.

Why to apply for Canada PR Visa?

Canada is the most liveable city in the world. Canada’s government provide you best education and immigration policies.

As well as many opportunities for your growth and development.

Canada PR Visa Benefits

The immigrant -friendly policies and guidelines of Canadian government motivates people to reside in Canada as PR.
There are various benefits of Canada PR visa, some are as follows:

a) Lifetime validity to stay in Canada

b) Work, stay, study anywhere 

c) Social and medical benefits 

d) Employment opportunities

 e) Get protection under Canadian law

Apply for a Canada PR Visa

One can live in Canada if they have the status of Permanent Resident. A potential client must go through an immigration programme to get permanent residency. Outsiders may get Canadian permanent residency through one of Canada’s several immigration policies. Canada has emerged as the country that is most welcoming to immigrants. Many people who want to move overseas are familiar with Canada’s Permanent program. As a result of its policies encouraging immigrants to enter and live in the country.

One of the best routes for immigration to Canada is the Canada PR visa. For people willing to get PR visa is now easier due to a variety of factors, various policies, and plans. Additionally, The immigrant will receive a permanent resident card with a Canada PR visa.

How to get Canada PR visa from India?

Immigration is an investment of money as well as time.
Canada PR visa is the best way to reside in Canada, as we all know Canada is the top most liveable city in the world. Get Canada PR visa from India, all you need is Sernexuss to help you. Moreover, India is home to countless visa specialists that provide you with services to move to your desired location.

Different Immigration Programs for Canada PR Visa

The Following Are the Immigration Programs That Allows Indian to Immigrate to Canada:

  • Immigrate as a skilled worker using Express Entry.
  • Your family sponsors the immigration applications of your relatives and others.
  • Become a Canadian citizen of any province or territory.
  • Quebec-based expert Workers: work as skilled workers in Quebec.
  • Caribbean Immigration Pilot: Move to Canada’s Atlantic Region
  • Carers: Immigrate to Canada to meet your loved ones and for medical purposes.
  • With a start-up visa, you can immigrate to Canada and generate jobs.
  • Self-employed: Establish a business in your new country in different fields.
  • Pilot Programme for Rural and Northern Immigration and PR Visa Applications.

How Does the Express Entry System Work?

Express entry is an online system, to manage immigration applications from skilled workers. Therefore, there are three types of immigration processes managed through the express entry system:

  • Canadian experienced class: this is for skilled workers having work experience of 3 years. As well as willing to migrate to Canada.
  • Federal skilled worker program: The skilled workers with work experience having language ability.
  • Federal skilled trade programs are for skilled workers who want to become PR in Canada.

You can apply for the PNP through express entry, if you are eligible for any of the programs for skilled workers.

Eligibility criteria for Express Entry

  • AGE: Persons between the ages of 18 and 35 receive the most points. Those over 35 receive fewer points, and the eligibility age is 45.
  • Education: To qualify for this category, you should have a degree that Canada requires.
  • Job Experience: You should have atleast one year of full-time job experience to qualify to get PR. For more points and number of years of job experience. Your field of work under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) is Skill Level A or B.
  • Language Skill: Your IELTS score must have at least six bands and be less than two years old. If you are fluent in French, you receive bonus points.
  • Adaptability: If your partner is willing to migrate to Canada, then you get extra 10 points.

Document checklist for Canada PR visa

The proper documentation is a crucial step for Canada Immigration. A candidate needs the following documents to move to Canada from India:

  • Assessment of Educational Credentials (ECA)
  • Results of language tests (IELTS, etc.)
  • Education documents (such as diplomas, certificates, and degrees)
  • Identity documentation
  • Evidence of money
  • Medical Certificate and Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  • Travel documentation, such as a passport
  • More records, as requested by the authority

Step-by-step guidance for Canada PR Visa

Check your eligibility for the Canada PR visa express entry process.

1. Complete your educational credential assessment.
2. Prepare for IELTS
3. Find your NOC
4. Create a profile in the express entry pool.
5. Calculate your CRS score.
6. Get your invitation to apply.
7. Submit your documents

Getting your ECA

Apply for the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
The ECA report will prove that your academics are like high school or credentials from Canada.

You need an ECA to show that your foreign education degree or certification is the same as Canada,
if you are applying for a visa under the Express Entry.

The following types of PR candidates must an ECA:

1. Candidates should have done schooling from outside Canada and are willing to apply for a PR visa.
2. Applicants who must gain points for their education obtained outside of Canada.
3. Applicants who need to get an ECA for their spouse or partner to receive points for their education.

Provincial Nominee Program

This program is for workers who have the ability, and work experience and are willing to get Canada PR. Canada offers 80 different program under the PNP, which have different eligibility criteria.

Canada PR through the provincial nomination program

The Canadian government provides schemes and each of them has different eligibility criteria.

The PNP program enables provinces to meet their specific immigration demands.

The majority of PNPs demand that applicants have some connection with the province. They need to have worked or attended school there earlier. Or, to qualify for a job visa, they must have a job offer from a company in the province.

There are several PNPs where you can apply to the province’s PNP program.

Popular PNP includes:

  • The PNP in
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta PNP
  • Ontario PNP
  • New Brunswick PNP
  • Manitoba PNP

If your CRS points score is insufficient in Canada PR score points calculator.
You can select a province for your PNP application, to receive a nomination based on your profile.


  • Express Entry
  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Self-employed farmer stream

British Colombia

  • Skilled Immigration Express Entry
  • Entrepreneur immigration


  • International
  • educational stream
  • Manitoba Skilled workers


  • Human capital priorities scheme

New Brunswick

• Entrepreneurs
• International graduates skilled workers with employer support

How do I get a PR visa through the PNP?

Apply for the Provincial Nominee Program in the following steps:

1. Choose the appropriate PNP: After deciding which province you wish to move to, have a look at the PNP streams.

2. Utilise the PNP of your choice. Make Direct applications to that province.

3. Get a certificate of provincial nomination: then you can apply for Canada PR

4. Fill out a PR application: The next step is to apply for your PR visa with the Canadian government. You can submit your application online for PNPS under Express Entry.

CRS score

The Canada has a points based system that gives ranks to each applicant in the Express Entry .

Managed by Express Entry, there are three programmers. 

• Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
• Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
• Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

To get qualified From the Express Entry pool, using the CRS system. The Canadian government then extends an invitation to them to seek PR.

To assign points to your profile, CRS takes into account four key aspects.

1. Human capital is a key component.
2. The common-law spouse factor
3. Factor of transferability of skills
4. Other more factors

Calculate your score, and know if you are eligible for Canadian immigration through Sernexuss.

Things to remember before getting a PR visa for Canada

  • Keep your documents ready. Your documents shows that you are eligible to migrate to Canada. You should start the application procedure as soon as possible.

  • Financial planning: Before moving to Canada, you have to prove that you have enough funds to bear. Canada is one of the most affordable country in the world.

  • Explore opportunities: Canada provides a wide range of opportunities to the people. Before moving to Canada, do thorough research about it.

  • Apply for a social insurance number. To work and take benefits, you need to apply for a social insurance number.

  • Open your bank account—you can open your Canadian bank account before migrating. You need to contact or get in touch with Canadian

Reasons for PR visa rejection

  1. Misrepresentation of documents
  2. not fulfilling the requirements or eligibility criteria
  3. Insufficient proof of funds
  4. Criminal background
  5. Missing deadline

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