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Quebec Points Calculator

Quebec points calculator is used to evaluate the profile of the candidates who wish to immigrate to Quebec and settle there through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Quebec points calculator accesses the candidate’s profile on factors like language proficiency, work experience, educational qualifications, adaptability, etc.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program is the best option for someone willing to live in Canada, specifically in Quebec, they can apply through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

What is the eligibility criteria for Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

The candidate at least have to meet the minimum eligibility criteria to be qualified for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program as a skilled worker:

  • The candidate should have at least one year diploma to meet the educational requirements in the Quebec.
  • The applicant should have training and skills in the relative field.
  • The individual must prove their intention to work and settle in Quebec.

The application of the candidate gets evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Valid job offer
  • Language proficiency
  • Financial ability

What are the minimum point requirements to immigrate to Quebec?

To apply for Canada Permanent residency through the Quebec Skilled worker program, a candidate has to gain the minimum required point in the Quebec point calculator. A single applicant who plans to immigrate alone needs a minimum of 50 points and those who plan to apply with a spouse or common-law partner need a minimum of 59 points.

Quebec Points Calculator Education

Master’s degree12
UG Diploma with 3 or more years of duration10
UG Diploma with 2 years of duration6
UG Diploma with 1 year of the duration4
Post-secondary school technical diploma attesting to 3 years of full-time studies8
Post-secondary school technical diploma attesting 1-2 years of full-time studies6
Secondary school Vocational diploma6
Secondary School Diploma2


Age (in years)Points

Work Experience

Work Experience (in months)Points
Less than 6 months0
6 months to 1 year4
1 to 2 years4
2 to 3 years6
3 to 4 years6
More than 4 years8

Language Proficiency

 Low Beginner (A1)High Beginner (A2)Low intermediate (B1)High intermediate (B2)Advanced (C1)Advanced (C2)
Listening 000567
Speaking 000567
Reading 000111
Writing 000111

Valid Employment Offer

Employment OfferPoints
Valid job offer in the Montreal Metropolitan area8
Valid job offer outside the Montreal Metropolitan area14

Accompanying Children

Age Points
12 years4
13-19 years old2
What is the processing time for Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

The average processing time to for a Quebec skilled worker program application is 17 months but it generally depends on the demand of the local labor market.

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