Greece Work Permit From INDIA

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Greece Work Permit From India

Greece is one of the world’s best tourist destinations and now has become an increasingly attractive destination for professionals seeking new opportunities abroad. It is a part of the European Union with a long history, culture, natural beauty, and economic environment. To work in Greece, you need to navigate its job market and the process of obtaining a Greece work permit with the assistance of an immigration consultant.

This guide comprehensively summarizes Greece’s work visa requirements and work permits. With a strong economy, vibrant culture, and employment opportunities. Greece offers a promising environment for those who are in search of a job.

What is a Greece Work Permit?

It grants you the right to work and reside in the country for a specific length of time, usually ranging from six months up to one year. If you are a citizen outside the EU/EEA, ensure you have a valid work permit to be employed in Greece before applying for a visa.

Benefits of Greece work permit

When you apply for a visa, you unlock the numerous opportunities that go far beyond your expectations. Let’s discuss why obtaining a work visa in Greece is rewarding.

  • Work anywhere in the country
  • Travel to other EU Countries
  • Immerse yourself in a rich culture
  • Work visa paves the way for a long-term residence permit
  • You might be able to bring your family after getting the visa


How many Greece work permits are there?

Greece work permit  from india


Greece offers several types of work visas, depending on your intention to stay. Let’s discuss it in simple words:

  • Short Stay (C type) visa

With this visa, you can stay in the country for 90 days for tourism, business meetings, or attending short-term programs.

  • Long Stay (D type) visa

This visa is for individuals who want to work for more than 90 days. You can go for study, employment, or family reunification through this visa. This is an ideal choice for employees and self-employed candidates.

What are the requirements to obtain a Greece work permit?

Greece requires meeting specific criteria set by the immigration authorities. Below are some key requirements:

  • Two passport photographs
  • Ensure you have a valid passport for at least three months beyond your intended departure from Greece
  • Make sure you have an employer contract during the submission of the application
  • It is essential to maintain a clean criminal record
  • Health Insurance during your stay in Greece is mandatory
  • It is crucial to prove that you can financially support yourself

Documents required for a Greece work permit

Different visas have different criteria, there are some common requirements for all Greece work visas:

  • Valid passport and photos
  • Application forms
  • Fees
  • Biometrics
  • Proof of health checkup
  • Health Insurance
  • Police Clearance Certificate

How to apply for a Greece work permit?

Greece work permit from india


Getting a work permit involves several key steps and a good deal of paperwork. A step-by-step guide to obtaining a Greece work permit:

  • Determine visa

Choose the visa that suits your situation for employment. It includes a short stay “C” visa or a long stay “D” visa.

  • Gather documents

Collect all the essential documents, including a job offer letter, proof of funds, health insurance, no criminal record, and so on.

  • Complete application form

Make sure you have gathered all the necessary documents and fill out the visa application form.

  • Pay the fee

Pay the applicable visa fees, which can vary on the type of visa you select.

  • Submit the application

Once you pay the fee, submit the application at the embassy in your home country.

  • Interview

In a few cases, applicants may be required to provide biometrics and attend interviews.

  • Receive your visa

If your application is processed successfully, you will receive your visa.

Processing time of Greece work permit

The processing time of a Greece work permit depends on various factors, such as the type of visa you are applying for, the volume of applications, and your nationality. However, it may take around 30 days to 60 days to complete.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For new applicants, it can be difficult to obtain it. However, it is necessary to connect with the immigration consultant to get a Greece work permit.

Usually, the Greece work visa takes 15 days, but it can be extended from 30 to 60 days.

Yes! You can bring your family with you after getting a work permit. But, you have to bring your marriage and birth certificate along with you.