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Canada 67 Points Calculator

Canada 67 points Calculator is to assess the profile of the candidates. The profile evaluation gets done through an IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) tool called CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). Moreover, It is a score-based pattern system based on the points, and the candidates get their ranking.

The Express Entry Program is the fastest immigration pathway to Canada, and to create an Express Entry profile, the candidate needs to score a minimum of 67 eligibility points.

Achieving Canada PR through the Express Entry Program is mainly based on a candidate’s profile. Besides, there are various eligibility criteria to score the 67 points and apply for Canadian Permanent Residency through the Express Entry Program

Canada PR Points Calculator
  • Factor 1: Age
  • Factor 2: Education
  • Factor 3: Experience
  • Factor 4: Language Skills
  • Factor 5: Arranged Employment
  • Factor 6: Adaptability

Age- Maximum 12 Points
The candidates get rewarded a maximum 12 points for their age. The calculation of their age begins from the day their application is received.

Education- Maximum 25 Points
A candidate can score a maximum 25 points for their educational qualifications. If the candidate’s education is completed overseas or in another country, they need to submit an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report from an authorized institution to prove that their education is equivalent to Canadian education standards.

Experience- Maximum 15 Points
A candidate also gets rewarded a maximum 15 points for their work experience. A candidate can earn a score for the number of years of work experience, either full-time or part-time, a paid job, and a minimum of 30 hours weekly.

Language Skills- Maximum 28 Points
Canada has two official languages, English and French, and an immigrant must be proficient in one language. In addition, the candidate can obtain a maximum of 28 points for their language skills.

Arranged Employment- Maximum 10 Points
The candidate also gets rewarded a maximum of 10 points for a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.

Adaptability- Maximum 10 Points
The candidate also receives scores for their adaptability to settle in Canada with their past studies, work, friends, and relatives in Canada. If the candidate is immigrating with their spouse/common-law partner, they can score additional points for it. The candidate can achieve a maximum of 10 points.

Therefore, higher-ranked profiles of the candidates get eligible for receiving an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canada PR. Still, if their CRS score is less, they can’t apply for the Express Entry Program. As a result, the candidate should try to improve their CRS score before applying again.

Ways to improve CRS score in Canada 67 points calculator

Express Entry Program draw happens after short intervals, so a candidate should always try to improve their CRS score and try again to be eligible for receiving an ITA for permanent residence

Few ways to improve your CRS score:
Advance your Language Skills: A candidate can score well on the IELTS or French language test (TCF or TEFAQ) if they work hard on their language skills.

Provincial Nominee Program: If a candidate receives a nomination from any of the provinces of Canada, they can score an additional 600 points for their Express Entry Profile.

Education in Canada: If a candidate has a degree or diploma from Canada, they can earn maximum points.
Dependent added in the application: If the candidate includes the spouse or common-law partner, it will earn additional points for the candidate. The language fluency of the spouse can earn them 20 points, and Canadian work experience and education level can also earn 10 points. So it can earn them at least 40 points and improve the CRS score of the candidate.
Canadian Work Experience

Candidates with work experience in Canada for a few years or who are still working in Canada can earn a maximum 150 CRS score,


Candidates planning to immigrate to Canada must know that achieving CRS points is an essential step and the points received by the candidate are based on the assessment of their profile. The profile gets evaluated through a tool used by IRCC called CRS. Canada points calculator or CRS points calculator is the first step of the immigration process to Canada.

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