Eligibility For PR In Canada

Eligibility For PR In Canada

International individuals who wish to immigrate to the Land of Maple Leaf must know the eligibility for PR in Canada. Every step is crucial and the eligibility factor is one of them. To know the essential points for the Canada PR.

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Canada is a popular country among international citizens due to its several work opportunities, first-rate infrastructure, and cozy lifestyle. Not everyone can settle in Canada, but if you wish to start your new journey in the Land of the Maple Leaf.

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Benefits of Canada PR

Every international individual wants to immigrate to a country where they can utilize several benefits. Canada is a country where any foreign national can use its resources because the Canadian government offers numerous advantages to humankind.

Here are the pros of Canada that you are anxious to know:-

  • Live, work, and settle anywhere
  • A strong economy with multiple job opportunities
  • Medical health care treatment for free
  • Free high-quality education
  • You can sponsor your family

Eligibility Criteria for PR in Canada

 To check the eligibility for PR in Canada, you must follow six steps to meet the standards. If you meet the conditions, then you can apply for Canada PR.

Here are the steps that need to be followed to immigrate to your ideal place. In each step, you will gain some points and move one step ahead to your preferred country.

  1. Age

The maximum age for Canada PR is 45. The younger one gets more points compared to the older one. So it will be better to apply if you fall between 18 to 45 as this group of applicants gets maximum points.

  1. Education qualification

Your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) should be equitable to foreign education from recognized universities/colleges, as it contains a maximum of 25 points.

  1. Linguistic skills

Your language proficiency can help you to gain a maximum of 28 points by proving your English/ French ability, which can be evaluated through the IELTS/PTE/TOEFL exam, etc.

  1. Work experience

You should have at least one year of work experience to be eligible for Canada PR. It will help you to acquire a maximum of 15 points.

  1. Adaptability

If you are planning to relocate with your partner/spouse, he/she will add up to a maximum of 10 points.

  1. Arranged employment

If you have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, then it will add an extra 15 points.

How to apply for Canada PR?

Here are the following steps included in the permanent residency application procedure for Indian nationals.

  • Educational credential assessment

An ECA is used to check the equivalency of your education credential with the Canadian education system.

  • Language excellency

Evaluate your linguistic skills through the IELTS/PTE/TOEFL exam with at least a 6 band score.

  • Express entry application

To fill out the application, you need to create an express entry profile with the mandatory documents.

  • CRS Score

Your CRS score must be 67 points out of 100 to be eligible to apply for Canada PR.

  • Express Entry Draw

After calculating the required score, you have to wait for the express entry draw which is held on a regular basis.

  • Invitation to Apply

If you meet the requirements mentioned above, you will receive an ITA with a validation of 60 days.



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