Canada Work Permit consultants in Delhi

Canada Work Permit consultants in Delhi

Canada is one of the top destinations among international individuals who wish to work in Maple Leaf Country. Every year more than 3,000,000+ immigrants arrive in Canada to pursue their ambitions. If you wish to work in Canada,  then the best Canada work permit consultants in Delhi can help you obtain it.

One of the best visas is the federal skilled worker visa which is meant for people with high skills in their occupation.

If you want to immigrate to Canada. Our immigration experts can help you to receive a work permit.

Why choose Canada?

Many International individuals are attracted to Canada due to the facilities it furnishes to humankind. Canada offers high wages, a competitive work environment, world-class study programs, and many other opportunities.

Some of the other points that you can utilize, if you get trusted Canada work permit consultants in Delhi:

  • Excellent working conditions
  • Exquisite and international lifestyle
  • High-quality education
  • Secure and safe environment
  • World-class healthcare system and facilities

Types of Canada work permit

There are several types of visas through which you can enter Canada. If you are immigrating to Maple Leaf Country for work. There are two different kinds of work visas for Canada as listed below:

Employer-specific work visa

This visa allows foreign nationals to work based on certain work conditions such as the name of the employer, duration of the job, and location. Anyone who wishes to work in Canada must follow the laws, regulations, and terms of employment.

Eligibility for employee-specific work visa

  • You must make the immigration officer believe that you will leave as soon as your work permit expires
  • Proof of sufficient funds that you can afford yourself in Canada
  • Make sure you have no medical issues
  • Police Clearance Certificate

Open work permit

This visa allows international individuals to work in Canada for any Canadian employer even without a job offer:

Eligibility for open work permit

  • You must have a valid H-1B visa
  • Proof you’re in good health
  • Make sure you have no criminal record
  • Enough amount of funds to support yourself

These are the visas through which you can enter Canada for work. However, if you wish to become a Permanent Resident of Canada along with a work, then the federal skilled worker visa is the best fit for you.

Federal Skilled Worker Visa

This visa is for foreign visitors who have experience and want to become permanent residents of Canada.

Eligibility for Federal Skilled Worker Visa

  • Applicants must have at least one year of paid and consistent work experience
  • The applicant’s expertise should be among one of the occupations specified by CIC
  • The applicant should have a job offer

Why choose us ?

Sernexuss Immigration is the top-most name in the immigration industry. We can provide appropriate knowledge and expertise to customers. We have many successful applicants who are now living in Canada as a permanent resident.

The following are some of the major points that make us one of the best Canada work permit consultants in Delhi:

 Step-by-step guidance through the process and eligibility.

  • Maintaining transparency and Secure Online Processes.
  • Reasonable Consultation Charges for Visa.
  • Our mission is your success with zero defects.
  • Complaint Redressal system for any process.
  • Experience of more than 30,000 processed applications.
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