Best Canada Immigration Consultants In Dubai

Best Canada Immigration Consultants In Dubai

Are you from the City of Venice of the Gulf? And willing to migrate to Canada with the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai, then you are at the right place.

 Dubai is famous for having the world’s tallest buildings, luxury destinations, etc.

But do you know? Living in Canada is more delightful as compared to Dubai or any other country as it provides varied facilities to citizens, such as quality education, a high standard of living, low transport costs, multiple job opportunities, and so on.

If you are one of the individuals who desire to immigrate to Canada and want to become a permanent resident, then this blog is for you.

Why move to Canada from Dubai?

Canada has numerous benefits for individuals. The merits of migrating to Canada from Dubai are as follows:-

  • Multiple job opportunities
  • Excellent education system
  • Better Standard of living
  • earning while learning
  • Free healthcare and social security

Apply for a PR visa in Canada from Dubai.

 Canada has been the no.1 choice to migrate for thousands of individuals. If you wish to settle down in the Maple country, then applying for a Canada PR visa is a must.

Applying for a visa and clearing the process to get one can be easy for UAE applicants due to their High English Proficiency, Education level, and Work experience.

Are you curious about the process and the whole journey to apply for Canada PR from Dubai? Then, the first step you should take is to consult with the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai.

Why Hire The Best Immigration Consultants In Dubai?

The Best Canada Immigration consultant in Dubai guides people who are willing to migrate to their preferred destination for study, work, travel, or business purposes with the legal framework of immigration.

Sernexuss is one of the top Canada Immigration consultants in India, which offers transparent and personalized services to its clients making their Canada immigration process smooth and simple.

Pathways to migrate to Canada from Dubai

 The following are the pathways in order to apply for Canada PR:

  1. Federal Express Entry system

The Federal class consists of:-

➢   Federal skilled worker

➢   Federal trade worker

➢   Canadian experience class


  1. Province Nominee Program

Province program consists of Canadian provinces that have their own immigration programs. The provinces are

➢   Ontario Immigration

➢   Quebec Immigration

➢   Alberta Immigration

➢   British Columbia Immigration

➢   Manitoba Immigration

➢   New Brunswick Immigration

➢   Newfoundland Immigration

➢   Nova Scotia Immigration

➢   Saskatchewan Immigration

➢   Prince Edward Island Immigration



  1. Quebec Immigration Program

The Quebec program is the only program that can provide direct Canadian Permanent residence. The Quebec provinces are:-

➢    Montreal

➢   Laval

➢   Terrebonne

➢   Gatineau

➢   Longueuil

➢   Trois-Rivieres

➢   Saguneary

➢   Levis


  1. Atlantic Immigration Program

This program allows skilled foreign workers and international students from Canadian Universities, to work and live in Canada.

The Atlantic program consists of:-

➢   Atlantic High-Skilled Program

➢   Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program

➢   Atlantic International Graduate Program


  1. Canada Start-up Visa Program

This program permits an applicant to start their business in Canada on a short-term license. It is also known as the SUV program, in order to apply through SUV you must fulfill the following requirements:

Ø  Qualifying business

➢   Support from the identified organization.

➢   Linguistic abilities

➢   Proof of adequate funds

These pathways assist the applicants to apply for a Canada PR visa. It depends on the candidate which route he/she is picking to solicit the application.


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