Australia PR 189 Visa

Australia PR 189 Visa

The Australia Permanent Residency Visa Subclass 189 is a highly popular immigration pathway among skilled workers who want to make Australia their permanent home.  This category is designed to fulfill the shortages of skilled professionals in the country around the world.

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Australia PR Visa Subclass 189

This visa comes under the Skilled Independent Visa category, which means candidates do not need to be sponsored by an employer, family member, or state/territory government to apply.

 Applicants are selected through a point-based system called the SkillSelect program based on their skills, qualifications, language proficiency, and work experience.

 Benefits of Subclass 189 Visa

International individuals apply through the Australia PR Subclass 189 because of its several benefits, such as;


      Permanent Residency status in Australia; live, work, and study in the country

      Employment opportunities in-demand occupation

      Access to essential services such as education, healthcare and security benefits

      Pathway to citizenship

      Sponsor family for PR 

Eligibility criteria to apply for Australia PR 189 Visa

There are a few eligibility criteria that every applicant must meet to apply under this category. Steps are mentioned below to be eligible for the Subclass 189 visa: 

  1. Age:- Individuals must be below 45 and above 18 years of age to get an invitation to apply. 
  1. Linguistic Skills:- Applicants must demonstrate their English language skills by providing the language proficiency test certificate in IELTS, TOEFL, OR PTE. 
  1. Occupations:- The applicant’s occupation must be listed on the index of eligible skilled occupations in Australia. 
  1. Skill Assessment:- Candidates must go through the skill assessment by the relevant authorities for their nominated occupation. This ensures that applicants meet the Australian standards for the selected occupation. 


  1. Point Calculator:- Applicants must score a minimum of 65 points on the point test. This score evaluates factors such as age, education, language proficiency, and work experience. 

The application process to apply for Australia PR 189 Visa

To apply for the Australia PR Subclass 189 involves various steps. The steps are as following other sequences: 

     Eligibility check

Applicants must ensure they obtain 65 points and the occupation is on the skilled list. 

     Expression of Interest

Candidates must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Skill Select online System. They must submit the details about their skills, qualifications, work experience, and other relevant information. 

     Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Applicants with the highest points score get the invitation to apply for the visa through the Department of Home Affairs. After getting an invitation, they have 60 days to submit a complete Australia PR application.

           Application form

Submit the application with the required documents, including a skill assessment, English language proficiency, health insurance, and other important indentures.

           Processing time

The Department of Home Affairs makes a decision on the application after reviewing it. The processing time may vary according to the visa the applicant has applied for. 

Cost of Australia PR 189 Visa

The expense of the Australia PR Visa depends on the number of applicants who are immigrating. However, the mentioned below table demonstrates the cost of a Subclass 189 Visa:

Primary Adult Applicant

AUD 4,640

Adult Applicant ( 18 years above)

AUD 2,320

Dependent Child (less than 18 years)

AUD 1,160


Documentation required for Australia PR 189 Visa

During the application submission, the essential documents need to be attached to the form. Here is the documentation checklist for the Australia PR Subclass 189 Visa:

      ●      Subclass 189 visa application form

      Two coloured passport-sized photographs

      English skills test scores

      Educational qualification documents

      Skill assessment report

      Document to prove the skills

      Reference letter from employer

      Police Clearance Certificate

      Medical certificate

      Any other indentures as requested during the process


The Australia PR Visa Subclass 189 offers skilled professionals a pathway to apply for permanent residency in Australia without the need for employer sponsorship. 

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