Canada Immigration Program

Canada Immigration allows candidates to find a suitable job in Canada and settle down in the country for good. The aspiring immigrants get in touch with Canada Immigration Consultants and start their Canadian Immigration Process from India.

Canada attracts immigrants from all over the world. The stunning Niagara Falls, a large amount of maple syrup production, and a warm and welcoming culture are some of the major reasons that make Canada an immigrant-friendly country. Canada is an immigrant's paradise. You are going to receive a warm welcome and a pleasant atmosphere in Canada throughout the year. Before you apply for the Canada PR card, you must be aware of the Canada Immigration requirements and visa categories.

➤ Permanent Visa – As the name suggests, a permanent visa is a suitable option for people who want to earn a permanent residency in Canada and enjoy life in this country as a citizen. So far, this is the most popular and effective form of Canada Immigration Visa that allows immigrants to enjoy up to five years of residency in the country along with free education until the 12th standard and financial support on healthcare needs. The Canada Immigration visa gives you all the citizen rights except for the right to vote or form a political party. Moreover, you cannot get a security-based job.

➤ Temporary Visa – Commonly known as a tourist and visitor visa, this is an ideal option for people who are planning to get a tour around Canada. Basically, the applicant must prove that they have sufficient funds to travel to Canada and survive in the country for a specific period, after which, they will leave the country. The applicants must have a letter of invitation to become eligible for a temporary visa. You'll also need to go through a medical examination. People with temporary visas are allowed to explore every nook and cranny in Canada. You can visit the major tourist attractions and spend some quality time in the country.

➤ Visa for Studying – Canada Student Visa caters to the needs of the immigrants who want to complete their formal education and graduate from Canadian educational institutions. Canada has a plethora of educational institutions and research centers that can take your career to a new height. The basic eligibility requirement for such type of visa is approval from a particular university or educational center. The college must accept your candidature and admission request. Once approved by the college, you can apply for the visa proceedings.

➤ Visa for Working – For those who plan on finding a job in Canada and working in the country to earn a living, the Visa for Working in Canada is mandatory. You’ll need to receive the work permit in Canada, which is granted by LMIA. Your application will only be approved once your credentials, experience, training, and other qualifications are examined. There are many Canada Immigration programs that are specially designed for people looking for jobs in Canada. You can participate in such programs and pass the tests to get your visa for work application approved by the Canadian authorities.

➤ Visa for Business – Canadian government introduces various programs that aim to attract global investors. If you want to commence business in Canada or invest in the companies established in this territory, you need to get a visa for business. Canada has many established firms and opportunities for aspiring businessmen. Perhaps, that's why many people migrate to Canada to build their brand.

➤ Working Holiday Visa – This visa is specially designed for 18-35 age group people. The working holiday visa allows immigrants to enjoy their holidays in Canada while working. A visa is a perfect option for people who want to explore the culture and tourist attractions in Canada while earning a livelihood in the country.

Benefits of Canada Immigration from India

As we said, Canada has plenty of opportunities for both tourists and workaholics. Whether you are looking for a vacation trip or planning to open a firm, Canada has the best solutions for all your requirements. The major advantages of flying to this country are:

  • ➤ High-quality life and a decent living standard.
  • ➤ First-class healthcare facilities at a discounted price.
  • ➤ Canada is considered one of the most peaceful countries with minimal crime rates.
  • ➤ A flourishing economy with an array of job opportunities.
  • ➤ Many immigration schemes such as the Express Entry System for talented workers.

Famous Categories for Canadian Immigrants

There's a strong reason why people love to flock to Canada and settle in this peaceful country. The country offers many benefits to Canada Immigrants for Indians falling into the following categories.

➤ Skilled Worker – Canada's economy is growing at a swift pace. However, the country has only a limited workforce. To attract immigrants from different corners of the world, the Canadian government offers many advantages to the skilled laborers that migrate to Canada and join the medical, healthcare, manufacturing, banking, communication, and other industries in the country. These perks include flexible working hours, good payout, subsidized medical facilities, and more.

➤ Investor or Businessman – To bring more investors and aspiring business owners to Canada, the government of the country has announced several facilities for migrants.

➤International Student– Canada is a perfect country for students who want to get high-quality education from a reputable institution. In addition to a wide range of courses provided by trusted universities, students get a peaceful and progressive environment to study. Moreover, students can save some money on their education by applying for scholarships.

So far, the permanent residency visa is the most suitable option for immigrants.

There have been over 60 programs introduced by the Canadian government for canada Immigration from India. Amongst these, Canada Permanent Residency Status is the best way to get Canada PR visa cards along with subsidized healthcare facilities and the best education system. According to the credentials and work experience, immigrants can pick

➤ Express Entry Program: Started in 2015, Express Entry Program is the most popular and fastest way of applying for Canadian residency. Basically, the program involves a CRS score calculator tool, which calculates the candidate's scores based on a number of factors. The total points are 1200. The candidates who score the highest points get an invitation for the Canada visa application. The program is further classified into three major categories – Federal Skilled Traders Program (FSTP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP).

➤ Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) provides the states with a right to pick the candidates according to their qualifications and the demand for the particular occupation in their province. The aspirants who pass the specific eligibility criteria are nominated by the province. These candidates can only work in a particular province that has nominated them. The candidates who receive the PNP nomination will get 600 additional points in the Express Entry program. Make sure that each province in Canada has unique qualification requirements.

Canada PR Card and Provincial Nomination Program – Eligibility for Canada Immigration

To achieve the PR status, you need to meet the eligibility requirements for Canadian immigrants. If you want to earn the PNP status, you will need to look over the state's eligibility requirements (which can vary significantly). Each state can have different eligibility criteria, which involve certain factors such as age, qualification, credentials, work experience, etc. If you are applying through the Express Entry program, here is the list of factors that'll decide your CRS score.

➤ Age: Canada is on the lookout for young candidates since the country needs fresh talent and skilled labourers. The younger your age, the higher your CRS score is. The candidates receiving the highest score will be from the 18-35 age group.

➤ Qualification: Your educational qualification is one of the major score-deciding factors. Your educational credentials will be assessed by an authorized body.

➤ Health and Character: No region would want to allow a criminal or a person suffering from infectious diseases in the country. To be allowed for Canadian immigration, you’ll need a letter of good health and good character signed by the doctor and police department respectively.

➤ Expert in Language: The official languages in Canada are English and French. You must be familiar with either of these languages to earn a residency in Canada. You must pass the IELTS test to prove your proficiency in the English language. Candidates can seek professional assistance to prepare for the test and score great points. Candidates who can speak both French and English will get the best scores.

➤ Work Experience: You must provide the letter of recommendation signed by the employer you worked with in the past. Other work experiences and achievements will help boost your CRS score.

The Process of Applying for a Canada Permanent Residency in 2021

As mentioned before, you can apply for a Canada PR card with Express Entry Program or Provincial Nominee Program. The online application processes and flexible legal requirements have made the Canada PR visa application process a whole lot easier than ever before.

Following is the process of Canada PR application in the Express Entry Program:

  1. ➤ Set up your Express Entry Program account and obtain a registration code. This can be done with help from one of the Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi.
  2. ➤ Your application will be added to the Express Entry Pool. You need to wait for the results.
  3. ➤ If you meet the minimum score announced by the Express Entry Immigration authorities, start the preparations for the Canada PR process.
  4. ➤ Collect medical reports, police verification documents, letters of recommendation, qualification records, and other credentials to apply for Canada PR visas.
  5. ➤ Submit the Canada PR application.

  6. For those applying through the PNP, there are two ways of getting selected for the visa application i.e. get picked by the province directly or apply for the Express Entry program and boost your score points with PNP status for quick selection.

    The process for submitting your application through PNP is:

    1. ➤ Select a state and apply for Provincial Nominee Program.
    2. ➤ The application will be assessed according to the state’s demand.
    3. ➤ For applicants who pass these requirements, the province will nominate them for Canada residency.

    Canada Residency Processing Time and Cost

    Migrating to another country can be quite costly for candidates. You need to prove your financial stability to get your PR visa application approved. Moreover, you will encounter additional expenses while completing the documentation. Depending on the number of family members you take to the country, the cost could vary.

    The total time taken to process the PR application depends on multiple factors, one of which is the immigration program you choose to apply for the PR visa. If you want to complete the migration process in 6 months, you must opt for Express Entry Program.

    When is the Best Time to Apply for Canada PR in 2021?

    There couldn't be a better time to apply for a Canada Permanent Residency card than the Express Entry Program. The 2021-2023 Canada immigration program has set a target of more than 12 Lakh immigrants. With such a large number of immigrants being allowed in the country, there's a lot of scopes for people to grab this opportunity and migrate to Canada. Experts suggest that Canada Immigration authorities will announce a low immigration score for Express Entry applicants in 2021. The recent draw, held on 8th January 2020, declared 469 as the minimum score for Canada PR eligibility. 3,200 applicants were sent a direct invitation for the PR application process.

    Understanding Canada PR Application Proceedings

    The Canadian Immigration Process can take months to years to complete. For Canada residency, the proceedings work in the following way:

    ➤ Choosing the right Canada Immigration Program: The major factor that determines the total time taken to complete the Canada PR proceedings is the Canada PR program you choose. Before you choose a program, have a look at the proceeding time.

    ➤ Visa Application:Even minor errors could delay your visa application process. Check the form thoroughly after filling it. You should try to get professional help with the visa application filling form for smoother and faster processing.

    ➤ Documents:The faster you submit your documents, the sooner your visa application gets approval. These documents mainly include work experience, educational qualifications, health certificate, character certificate, and more.

    ➤ LMIA Approval: LMIA is a document needed by the Canadian employer who decides to hire an international worker. If the applicant applies through LMIA, the application approval time will increase.

    Where to Get Canada Immigration Help in India?

    At Sernexuss, we know how complicated and tedious the overall Canadian immigration process is. Not only does it consume time, but even the slightest error in the application form could result in major delays. In order to help you through the immigration process, we are here to assist you. We are available round-the-clock to help you pass the immigration process and get the PR card in the shortest time possible.