Canada PR Visa(Canada Permanent Residence Visa from India)

The flexible job opportunities, a warm and welcoming culture, and a pleasant atmosphere make Canada the immigrant's favorite country. Hundreds of thousands of people applying for the Canada PR visa from India get selected for Canada PR card.

Canada keeps on conducting several immigration programs that are specifically designed for talented people out there. You can either get Canada PR on your own or seek help from experts. But before you come up to a decision, let’s check out the details of Canada PR programs and the eligibility criteria.

What Exactly is the Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Card?

First things first, Canada PR card is not applicable to Canadian residents and people who have obtained a temporary Canada visa. People belonging to any region outside Canada are eligible to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency program. But before you do that, understand the eligibility requirements for migrants of Canada. In order to obtain the PR card, you will have to meet the eligibility criteria.

Obtaining Canada PR Visa from India

As mentioned before, the Canadian government is on the lookout for fresh talent in India. They are accepting the Canada residency applications of the skilled labors that prove their eligibility. Here is the list of the programs that can get you Canada’s PR card. Let’s have a look:

    Obtaining Canada PR Visa from India

    Launched in 2015, Express Entry Program allows aspiring Canadian residents to participate in this program and calculate their total scores based on their credentials and other factors. The final score is calculated on the basis of your age, work experience, qualifications, proficiency in French and English languages, etc.

    The program is further divided into three categories i.e. Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) and Federal Skilled Traders Program (FSTP). Based on your work line, you can choose the most suitable program from these categories. For example, FSTP is for the chef, construction workers, and other professionals. Basically, the program doesn't involve qualifications or educational credentials. You only need to prove your skills in a particular field.

    Provincial Nominee Program

    Another opportunity to migrate to Canada from India is by obtaining the PNP status. In Provincial Nominee Program, the provinces in Canada are allowed to hire professionals outside Canada by nominating them for the Canada Permanent Residency. The candidate must meet the eligibility requirements announced by the particular state in order to receive a nomination from that province. Each state has varying eligibility criteria, which can vary depending on the demand for the particular occupation in the state and the number of foreign employees required. You must check the province's eligibility criteria and fulfill all their requirements to get a nomination from that state. Once you receive the nomination, your CRS score will take a leap by 600 bonus points. In simple terms, an additional 600 points will be added to your Express Entry profile, increasing your chances to get the invitation for Canada PR card.

    Self-employed Professionals

    Canada prioritizes the application of candidates who prove their worth for the Canadian economy. The program is specially designed for investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled people. If you believe you can contribute to the Canadian economy, you can apply for Canada PR visa. These candidates are also selected based on their age, qualifications, work experience, language proficiency, and adaptability.

    The applicants applying through the self-employed Canada residency program must have a minimum of two years of experience at work. Moreover, they must secure at least 35 points to become eligible for a PR visa.

    Start-up Visa

    Do you have an interesting business idea? Well, that could be another way of getting abroad and settling down in Canada for good. Canada allows people with unique business ideas an opportunity to get a PR visa. However, you need financial support and a reputable organization backing your idea.

    Apart from a brilliant business plan, the eligibility requirements include a minimum investment of approx 75,000 $CAD from the Canadian Angel Investor group as well as 2,00,000 $CAD investment from the Canadian Venture Capital fund. As long as you meet the given requirements, you won't face any trouble in applying for Canada PR visa. The federal government of the country will approve the applicant's visa application.

    Family Sponsorship

    If you already have the Canada PR status and are planning to sponsor your family, you can opt for the family sponsorship program. The family members must be above 18 years to be sponsored by a Canadian resident. Once the sponsorship is accepted by the Canadian government, it becomes the responsibility of the candidate to look after the shelter, food, and other necessities of the people flocking to Canada. Using this program, you can sponsor your spouse, children, parents, and other family members.

Canada Permanent Resident Process and Eligibility Criteria

Canada PR Process

Getting the Canada PR visa is a complicated and time-consuming job. You'll need professional assistance to get all the documents prepared for the application. So far, the Express Entry Program has proved the easiest and fastest way to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada. The program involves the candidate's credential testing. Basically, you need to create the Express Entry Profile and calculate your score using the CRS calculator tool. From a pool of candidates, Canada selects the most deserving and eligible candidates for the next round. Once you received the invitation for PR status, you can start preparing the documents needed to complete the PR visa application process.

Canada PR Visa Requirements

Only the candidates who meet the minimum CRS score announced by the Canadian government will be qualified for the Canada PR visa application. If you are planning to settle in Canada and work in the country, you will need to register an account for the Express Entry program in the following ways.

If you are selected for the Canada visa application from India, gather the following documents:

  • ➤ Record the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score
  • ➤ Collect your qualification credentials from the authorized body
  • ➤ Proof of your proficiency in the official languages spoken in Canada i.e. either English or French.
  • ➤ Show the documents stating your nomination for PNP (Provincial Nominee Program).
  • ➤ Collect the bank statement for the past three months. Your bank should have sufficient funds that meet the minimum fund requirements of Canada PR candidates.
  • ➤ Gather the letter of recommendation from the registered company.
  • ➤ You must have a valid passport
  • ➤ Get the documents of your medical reports (which must clarify that you are medically fit to migrate to Canada).
  • ➤ Get a character certificate from police department.

If you are migrating with your family, make sure that you get them physically examined by a doctor and collect both their medical documents and character certificate.

Canada PR Eligibility

Canada PR eligibility criteria must be met by the candidates who aspire to flock to Canada and settle in the country. IRCC decides your eligibility considering your age, qualifications, work experience, adaptability, and proficiency in French and English. The Express Entry Program is designed to pick the most skilled candidates from a large number of people applying for Canada PR visa.

Each factor has varying maximum points in the CRS calculator. For example, Language skills have 28 points, experience: 25 points, adaptability: 10 points, Experience: 15 points, arranged employment: 10 points.

Canada Immigration Requirements and Procedure

Have a look at the three crucial elements to determine the Canada migration requirements and the overall procedure.

  1. ➤ Educational Credential Assessment: Your educational credentials must meet the minimum job qualification requirements set by Canada. Depending on your qualifications, you’ll be allotted points in the CRS calculator.
  2. ➤ Expression of Interest: Another essential element that decides your eligibility for Canada PR visa is the Expression of Interest. Candidates are selected for the residency based on their skills, language proficiency, and qualifications.
  3. ➤ Visa Filing: Once your application is approved, you can file for the Canada PR visa. Make sure that only applicants who pass the Express Entry stage and receive the invitation for PR can move on to the next phase.

Advantages of Canada PR Residency

Permanent Residency Visa grants foreigners a five-year residency in Canada. Note that the candidates who receive the Canadian PR status are not considered the citizens of Canada. However, they can enjoy the same benefits of their stay in the country as Canadian citizens.

    These benefits include:
    • ➤ Free education till 12 th standard
    • ➤ Protection to the permanent residents
    • ➤ Subsidized healthcare services
    • ➤ You become eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship, which will provide you with the
    • voting rights and right to form a political party
    • ➤ Right to live, work, and settle down in Canada.

    These were only the major benefits of getting permanent residency in Canada. The applicants can also enjoy secondary advantages such as sponsoring their family members for Canada PR visa and getting recruited by the top companies in the country. Currently, there are over 60 programs designed for aspiring Canada PR applicants. All these programs have different eligibility requirements.

    As mentioned before, the best way to achieve permanent residency in the country is through the Express Entry level program and Provincial Nominee Program.

    Latest Canada Immigration Updates for 2020 PR Visa Applicants

    The eligibility requirements and rules for applying for the Canada PR visa keep on changing from time to time. Here are the major updates the federal government has announced for the aspiring Canadian residents in 2020.

    • ➤ The legal age for dependent children has increased to 22 from 19. Now, a child must be 22 years or above to be considered a dependent child.
    • ➤ Earlier, a rule indicated that the spouse of the candidate can stay with them for 2 years. However, this rule is no more applicable.
    • ➤ While Canada has both French and English speakers, the French are given more importance in the country. If you speak French, you get 30 points straight in your Express Entry profile.

    New Rules for Canada PR Visa 2020 Applicants

    There has been a set of new regulations introduced by the federal government for the 2020 Canada Residency. Here are the new rules every Canada PR aspirant must know.

    • ➤ Language Proficiency Test: You must be proficient in Canada's official language to gain a PR visa. Your English skills should be excellent. You must score a minimum of 4.5 points in the CRS calculator for language proficiency to get selected.
    • ➤ Education test: Your qualification level should meet the minimum Canadian board qualification requirements. All your educational credentials should be verified by an authorized body or a reputable educational institution.
    • ➤ Health and Character:Indians applying for the PR visa in Canada must provide proof of their character and health certificate. The character certificate is proof that you are not a criminal or a threat to the country in any manner. It can be obtained from the police department. Moreover, you must get examined by a certified physician for medical health before applying for a PR visa.
    • ➤ Proof of Funds:the candidates need to submit the three months bank statement to prove that they have sufficient funds to survive in Canada.

    The Latest Migration Trends

    Canada is an immigrant-friendly country that has accommodated over six million migrants from different corners of the world. The available labor force in Canada is inadequate to meet the requirements of the booming industrial sector and the rapid growth of the country's economy. The country is focusing on young immigrants who can contribute to Canada's economy.

    In 2012, the employee to retiree ratio in the country was 4.2:1. The nation wants to bring down the ratio and is thus focusing on the migration of younger people between 18 and 35 years.

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