Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry Program aims to bring deserving and eligible candidates to Canada. The program selects the most suitable aspirants who have applied for Canadian immigration. Launched in 2015, this immigration program achieved immense popularity in no time. Being the fastest and easiest immigration program, the Express Entry contest has become the leading method to get a permanent resident visa for Canada.

The overall process takes only a couple of months to complete. Express Entry Program has helped many immigrants to have their Canada PR visa application approved. Many people from different corners of the world have migrated to Canada with their families through this program.

Create Your Account for Express Entry Program

As mentioned before, the Express Entry program is an online contest that helps aspiring Canada immigrants to apply for Canada residency. Applicants who pass the test get an invite for a Canada PR visa application, which is the final step to achieving a five-year residency in the country.

To create an account for Express Entry Program, you need to submit the details such as your qualification credentials, work experience, language proficiency, age, interests, and more. Based on this information, your total CRS points are calculated. This score decides whether or not you are eligible for a Canada PR visa. Keep reading to know the eligibility requirements of the Express Entry program and what all you need to pass this stage.

The Working of the Express Entry Program

  • Participating in the Express Entry program requires an account setup process. You need to create an account for this program and submit your application.
  • Each application is reviewed by IRCC. They assign you points according to your education, work experience, age, adaptability, language proficiency, and other parameters.
  • The points you gather depend on how accurately you complete and submit the application for Express Entry Program and how well you meet the Canada PS application eligibility criteria.
  • Once the draw is launched, IRCC announces the minimum qualifying score for the Express Entry Program applicants. The applicants whose scores are equal to or more than this score receive ITA (invitation to apply).

People who couldn’t manage to pass the test and score the qualifying mark can improve their scores by updating their profile.

Canada Express Entry Program Eligibility Requirement

Here are the factors deciding the eligibility for PR application.

Language Test

One important factor that determines your eligibility for a Canada PR card is your proficiency in the official language of Canada. Canadians speak French and English. You must prove your language proficiency by scoring the best grades on a language test. Before appearing for the final language tests, you can enroll in the language coaching centers to improve your speaking skills.

You can opt for the Canadian English Language Proficiency Exam, the general test that decides your proficiency in English. You can also give the IELTS exam to prove your English skills. If you can speak French, you can give the TEF exam to prove your French-speaking abilities. It is important to note that the Language test is not the only factor of the Express Entry Program. This alone will not decide whether you get the ITA or not. You need to ace other parameters such as work experience, age, and adaptability tests to pass this program.

Canada Express Entry Program: Things You Must Keep in Mind

No Canada migration program is as simple and effective as the Express Entry System. The procedure is quite easy with only a few documentation submission requirements. However, there are still certain factors every candidate applying for an immigration application through Express Entry must be aware of.

  • Know the Job Offer: A job Offer indicates the job invitation a candidate has received from a Canadian employer. To be eligible for the Canadian PR visa, you need to have a job invitation from a Canadian company. The number of points you collect from the CRS calculator depends on the job offer you get from the employers based in this country.
  • ECA is mandatory: Education Credential Assessment is one of the crucial factors determining your final CRS score. You must meet the minimum ECA requirements set by the Canada board to be able to migrate to the country. Your education credentials have a major impact on your overall CRS score.
  • Be Clear With Your History and Travel Date: This year, IRCC has made it mandatory for the candidates to clearly mention the date they are planning to travel. Gone are the days when you only had to fill the travel year and month. In 2020, you will need to provide your personal history as well as the exact travel date.
  • Proof of Settlement Funds: If you have chosen the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you need to arrange the proof of settlement funds. You must have an active account with a particular banking institution. You will also be asked to submit 3-6 months of bank
  • statements to prove that you have enough funds to sustain in Canada. This requirement is only for FSWP candidates. You don't need to submit the proof of settlement funds if you belong to the CEP candidate.
  • Enter Data Accurately: All the details you submit with the Express Entry application will be taken forward to the PR procedure. With that being said, the candidate will get no chance to make any modifications in the details they have filled. Be extra careful when completing this form since even the minor error can cost you your dream.

Express Entry Program Requirements

If you pass the exam and meet the eligibility criteria, here are the basic requirements you must fulfill to get the invitation to apply for the PR visa card.

  • Submit your language proficiency test score result
  • Must score at least 67 points
  • Send the application online along with the EOI
  • Foreign candidates must show their ECA (qualification credentials) score list according to the Canadian Education system.
  • Submit health and character certificates as soon as your PR visa application is accepted.

The documents you must prepare and submit during the Express Entry program are as follows:

  • Marriage, divorce, separation papers
  • Driver’s license
  • Medical history and certificates
  • A valid passport with two passport size photos
  • Immunization details of your children who are under 16 years (if they are migrating to Canada)
  • Birth certificates
  • Character certificates given by the police department
  • Certificates, degrees, achievement papers, and diploma
  • Child’s adoption paper (if you have adopted the child)
  • Copy of your language proficiency score
  • Personal ID photocopies
  • Proof of settlement funds (bank account statement)
  • Letter of recommendation from previous companies (you worked in)
  • PR status copy

Express Entry Program Draws

Express Entry Draw was specifically designed to help pick the best candidate from the pool of applications. Based on your performance in this program, IRCC decides whether or not you should be sent the invitation to apply. Every year, the program is conducted and the qualifying marks are announced by IRCC. If you meet the qualifying marks, you get the ITA.

Express Entry System Points Calculator

To check your score based on the above-mentioned parameters, the Canadian government has come up with a fair point calculator tool i.e. CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). To achieve the PR visa, you need to score qualifying marks.

  • The maximum points one can collect in the Express Entry Program are 1200
  • Work experience, age, language proficiency, and education credentials make 500 points.
  • An extra 80 points are allotted to the applicant who possesses one-year of work experience in Canada
  • 40 additional points are given to the candidates who have a spouse in Canada
  • An extra 100 points are allotted to the candidates with transferable skills.

Crucial Steps in the Express Entry Program

  • IELTS: The test determines your language proficiency. The higher your score, the more your chances of getting selected for the next step.
  • Credential Assessment: Meeting the credential requirements set by the Canada Board is crucial for every candidate. It is a major factor that determines your eligibility for ITA.
  • References and Resume: Design an accurate resume following the Canadian resume format. You also need to collect references so that you can get a job in Canada.

Let Sernexuss Help You Apply for the Express Entry Program

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