RCIC Consultant in Delhi

RCIC Consultant in Delhi

Canada is one of the most popular hotspots among immigrants who want to live and work abroad and have the desire to enjoy life in the land of Maple Leaf. There are a lot of companies that claim to be registered authorities. RCIC consultant in Delhi is an authorized immigration and citizenship representative, who is appointed to assess your Visa application and submit it on your behalf.

Are you also one of those who wish to immigrate to Canada? Then, it is best to be in touch with any of the ICCRC-registered consultants in Delhi.

What is an Authorized Immigration Consultant?

An authorized immigration consultant is an advisor who assists individuals who want to emigrate to another country. They assist clients through various immigration processes such as visa application and documentation.

RCIC is a part of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). They are responsible for representing, evaluating, and submitting your Canada PR visa application.

Why hire an RCIC consultant?

Immigration to Canada with the assistance of an RCIC consultant in Delhi, can make sure your application process is accurate and precise with the required credentials.

The following are a few points for why you should hire an RCIC Immigration Consultant:

RCICs Are Well-Versed In Canada’s Visa Processes

RCIC experts can significantly transform your application as per your needs and requirements.  They are professionals authorized by the ICCRC to provide immigration advice and services.

RCICs can help you acknowledge your choice and select the best immigration route based on your circumstances. They can assist you with preparing your application, and ensuring all indentures are correctly filled out.

RCICs Administer Honest and Expert Immigration Evaluations

If you get in touch with a certified immigration consultant, you will receive a great opportunity to enter Canada as they provide honest, expert evaluations of immigrating to Canada. Authorized consultants assess the client’s profile as per the current immigration rules and conduct. This enables the immigrants to make informed decisions about their immigration journey.

RCICs submit your Documentation on your behalf

Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants thoroughly review and prepare all mandatory paperwork for immigration applications. They ensure your application is filled accurately along with essential indentures.

Certified, Licensed, And Regulated

RCICs are regulated by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Canada (CICC), a regulatory body appointed by the Canadian government. They must comply with the rules regulations policies set by the Canadian government and the CICC. RCICs must continuously focus on professional development and stick to the Canadian government’s systematic code of conduct.

How to check the immigration consultant license?

Before deciding on the immigration consultant, make sure your chosen RCIC is legitimate. Here are the steps to check whether your RCIC consultant in Delhi is authorized or not.

  • Step 1:- Check with the CICC

Visit the official CICC website and click on Find an immigration consultant.

  • Step 2:- Search your RCIC

Enter the First name, Last name, or Registration number of the consultant you want to verify.

  • Step 3:- Check the RCIC status

Examine whether the consultant is authorized or not, and active by using the public search register.


Canada is known for its diverse culture, robust economy, healthcare, and excellent education system which is a popular destination for immigrants worldwide.

Finding the best immigration consultant can be a difficult task for anyone who has never been abroad before. However, you can immigrate to your desired land, if you consult with the authorized consultant in Delhi.

 It is important to verify that you are working with licensed and authorized RCIC consultants. Sernexuss is the RCIC consultant in Delhi who can assist you to land in your dream country.

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