Portugal visitor visa from india

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Portugal visitor visa from india

Portugal is one of the oldest countries in the Iberian Peninsula and Europe. It is an astonishing country that guarantees a mesmerizing sunset every single day. When you visit Portugal, you can explore the breathtaking natural beauty, World Heritage Sites, vibrant cities, historical cultures, and stunning landscapes. If you have planned a Portugal trip, apply for a Portugal visitor visa.

This European country will surely make your holidays memorable. Keep reading to know more about the Portugal tourist visa.

What is a Portugal visitor visa?

It is a short-term visa valid for 3 months and issued to individuals who want to travel to Portugal. This visa is one of the types of Portuguese Schengen visas. If you obtain a Portugal tourist visa, you are allowed to explore the other Schengen areas as well.

Types of the Portugal Visitor Visa

There are two types of Portugal tourist visas, it depends on you, which type of visa you want to obtain for your adventure journey to Portugal.

  • Single-entry Portugal visa

With this visa, you can only enter Portugal once; once you leave, you won’t be allowed to enter again. However, you can reapply for the visa and visit the country.

  • Multiple-entry Portugal visa

This visa allows you to enter the country as many times as you want within the validity of the visa.

What are the requirements to apply for the Portugal visitor visa?

The list of essential documents to apply for the Iceland visitor visa is as follows:

  • A valid passport of at least four months
  • Fill out the visa application form with precise and complete information
  • 2 passport photos to attach to the application form
  • Medical insurance coverage of at least 30,000 euros during the journey
  • Provide proof of accommodation, such as hotel reservation
  • Evidence of financial funds to support yourself in Iceland during your journey
  • Prove you have a plan to return to your home country

How to apply for the Portugal visitor visa?

The process to apply for the Portugal tourist visa involves several key steps:

  • Gather all the essential documents for the visa application
  • Select the tourism option for a visa application form on the official website of Portugal
  • Fill out the application form, this can depend  on where you are applying from
  • Make an appointment at the embassy ( if required)
  • Submit your application form. Your application should be submitted at least 15 days before your departure journey
  • Pay the visa application fee and wait for the decision to be approved by the authority

Processing time for Portugal tourist visa

The processing time for the Portugal visitor visa is approximately 15 to 20 days. However, it can be extended in several cases.

Cost to apply for the Portugal visitor visa

Before you submit the application, you have to pay the fee for the visitor visa, as mentioned below, depending on the individual:  



For adult

80 euros

For children between 6 and 12

40 euros

For children below 6



If you are looking for a country to explore for your holidays, then Portugal is the right place to be. It offers many experiences and tourist spots you cannot miss. However, you must apply for a Portugal visitor visa to discover all these. Portugal offers a wide range of natural beauty, from beautiful golden beaches to leafy mountain terrain.

You must connect with the immigration consultant to obtain your visa as soon as possible. Sernexuss is the Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship, and Canada (IRCC) a registered consultant who can assist you throughout the process of gaining the Portugal tourist visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Usually, it takes a minimum of 15 days to process the application. When it is processed, you will be notified by the authority via email.

To obtain a Portugal tourist visa, you must have at least 80 euros as an adult and 40 euros for children between 6 and 12.

On a tourist visa, a traveler can stay up to 90 days and explore the country.

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