New Zealand Tourist Visa From India

New Zealand Tourist Visa From India

New Zealand is a country that attracts Middle Earth’s beauty. As you make your way around the country, you will come to see snow-capped mountains, pristine beaches, lush greenery, vibrant cities, and other beautiful scenery. There are several wonderful places to explore in New Zealand for Indians.

However, when you wish to travel to this magnificent country, you need to connect with the tourist visa consultants who can assist you in obtaining a New Zealand tourist visa from India. With this visa, you can explore more than you ever imagined.

What Is A New Zealand Tourist Visa?

If you want to travel to New Zealand, you need to obtain a tourist visa. This visa will allow you to explore the country, visit concerts, go sightseeing, and do other leisure activities. New Zealand has something for everyone; it depends on us, whether we choose a safe, healthy, and relaxed lifestyle or the most daring adventure or not.

How To Apply For New Zealand Tourist Visa From India?

 The process of obtaining a New Zealand tourist visa from India is not as difficult as it seems to be, but you may require tourist visa consultants to get your visa in one attempt. You can apply for a tourist visa in two ways; offline or online, it totally depends on your requirements.

However, as you move forward with your application process, make sure you check your eligibility criteria for it. Let’s discuss the online and offline processes one by one.

Online Process

To apply for a New Zealand tourist visa, you need to complete the application form online and pay the visa processing charges using your credit card. You only have to deal directly with Sernexuss Immigration for your queries, with no embassy visits involved.

The application process involves the submission of all the necessary documents, such as your passport, recent photographs, travel itinerary, and proof of funds, which are mandatory by the ministry of the country you are visiting. After visa approval, all you need to do is present your passport and the visa document upon entering your destination country.

Offline Process

Before starting your offline visa application, decide which tourist visa you need to apply for. Make sure you meet the visa requirements, such as your health, character certificate, proof of funds, and so on.

Gather all the essential documents you may need during your application process, and ask your tourist consultant to re-check the indentures for you. And later, process your tourist visa application with the help of your consultant and wait for approval.

Before applying for a visa, Indians must keep in mind that if they are visiting New Zealand for less than 3 months, they can apply for a visa for either of the above processes. But, trips lasting more than 3 months need to be applied through the offline process.


What Are The Eligibility Criteria For A New Zealand Tourist Visa?

 The eligibility criteria for the tourist visa must be checked before you start your application process. Here are the points that need to be examined;

  • Must have proof of pre-booking
  • Check that you meet the health requirements
  • Ensure you have no criminal record
  • Proof of enough funds

Documents required for New Zealand Tourist Visa

 While filling out the application form, you must have some essential documents, which are as follows;

  • An original passport
  • Coloured photographs
  • Confirmed flight tickets
  • Medical Certificate
  • Proof of accommodation, like hotel reservation, etc.
  • Proof of purpose of visit, such as invitation letter, exhibition or conference pass, etc.
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Tax-related certificate


New Zealand tourist visa processing time

The processing time depends on the visa you are selecting for traveling. The New Zealand visitor visa processing time from India can vary, but usually, it takes around 2 to 6 weeks (33 weekdays) for a decision to be made on the application.


What Are the Fees for a New Zealand Tourist Visa?

Every individual wants to know about the cost that will be spent on a tourist visa. Here is the breakdown of the charges that need to be paid by you;

Fees Online application Offline application
Application fee NZD $170-$245 NZD $230-$390
Passport fee   NZD $45-$80
Courier fee   NZD $12-$100
VAC Service fee   NZ $75


Undoubtedly, obtaining a New Zealand tourist visa from India opens a door to exploring the rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, beautiful hot pools, art galleries, and many more. Get your tourist visa and explore the New Zealand Journey with Sernexuss.

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