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Migrate to Canada from India

All over the world people are willing to migrate to Canada from India and want to fulfill their immigration dreams, but do you know? The Best ways to migrate to Canada, if not then this blog is for you.

Canada is among the preferred places in the world to immigrate because of its high standard of living, open immigration policy, and a number of other characteristics. Moreove, many Indian families have established in Canada, which offers recent immigrants a sense of community. Because of this, the majority of those looking to immigrate to Canada from the Indian subcontinent opt to do so.

Migrate to Canada in 2023

The Canadian government has proposed some ambitious Canada immigration plans to draw in a record number of 465,000 newcomers in 2023 as it looks to immigrants to ease the labour market issue. Additionally, Canada plans to push the limits during the following three years after breaking historic marks in 2021 and 2022. It means that there has never been a better time to think about making your next big migrate to Canada from India and taking advantage of the exceptional lifestyle of the nation.

The most well-liked and advised strategies to migrate to Canada from India are described in this article. To choose your desired pathway to migrate to Canada from India in 2023, Read below:

Best ways to get PR from India

1.    1. Express Entry 

Express entry is online system that we use to manage immigration application from skilled workers. There are three types of immigration process managed through express entry system:

  •   Canadian experienced class-this is for skilled workers who have Canadian work experience for 3 years and are willing to become Canada PR

    · Federal skilled worker program- skilled workers with foreign work experience having language ability and are willing to migrate Canada permanently are eligible for this program.

    · Federal skilled trade programs- skilled workers who want to become permanent residents in Canada and have relevant qualifications.

Truck drivers, nurses, teachers, payroll administrators, and other professions are now qualified to use the express entry method to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

1.    2. Provincial nominee program(PNP)-

After express entry, the Provincial Nominee Program is the next most popular route to migrate to Canada from India in 2023. As the nation intends to only accept over 105,000 newcomers through provincial nominee programs, PNPs will be bigger and better in 2023. There are thousands of openings for Canada PR visas in provinces including British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, etc. in 2023.

The Express Entry system is connected to portions of PNPs that means each province has certain streams that are in line with the Federal immigration system. The main goal of provincial nominee programs is to meet the needs of the economy and the population.

1.    3. Quebec Immigration 

The Quebec administration has been quite proactive in reaching out to more talented foreign professionals who want to relocate to this French speaking province.

Quebec plans to receive 33,000 immigrants through economic migration channels this year. Quebec is now accepting immigrants without a job offer as the province is experiencing a severe labour shortage.

1.    4. Employee Driven Immigration Pilot Program 

Canada also provides a number of employer-driven pilot programs to guarantee a steady flow of workers in industrial or geographical areas.

The Atlantic Immigration Program, which was first started as a pilot program but has now been made permanent, is the most well-known.

1.    5. Study Pathways 

Students who want to pursue worldwide education frequently choose Canada as their destination. Approximately 7,50000 international students are willing to migrate to Canada from India in 2023, according to reports.

The best advantage of studying in Canada is that it permits international students to return after graduation in the form of a work permit. The PGWP provides students with Canadian job experience, enabling them to use Express Entry to qualify for permanent immigration.

1.    6. Business Visa Streams 

    • Startup visa – This is the route for you if you have an innovative and expandable business idea that could succeed in Canada. Since it was launched in 2013, Canada’s Startup visa has gained popularity. The stream seeks to bring in creative immigrant business owners who have the experience to boost Canada’s economy. It is not necessary for entrepreneurs applying for permanent residence under the Start-Up category to invest any money in the intended firm.

    • Program for Self-Employed Individuals

    The governments of Quebec and the United States oversee programs for independent contractors. The program seeks applicants with substantial experience working for them who genuinely want to contribute to Canada’s cultural, artistic, or sports communities.

    • Acquire a business and settle in Canada

    Foreign business owners have the option of purchasing a company to enter Canada with their families. Investors can buy an existing firm or start a new one in Canada through channels like the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and the Ontario Entrepreneur Success Initiative.

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