Manitoba (PNP)Provincial Nominee Program

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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba PNP is the easiest and fastest approach for Canada Immigrants. People who are planning to find a job in Canada and settle down in the country for good can opt for the Provincial Nominee program to submit the application and get quick approval. 

The Canadian government allows each province to select candidates from international countries to cater to their work requirements. As the name implies, Manitoba PNP is designed for the candidates who plan on relocating to the Manitoba state in Canada.

In order to migrate to this state, the applicants must achieve the minimum qualifying score in the Manitoba PNP. Only the candidates who manage to meet the minimum qualifying requirements are declared eligible for migration to Canada.

The three major categories of the Manitoba PNP are as follows

  • Skilled Workers.
  • Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (FSRI).
  • Business.

Skilled Worker Immigration Program

Skilled workers stream is further divided into two categories i.e. highly skilled workers and skilled workers overseas. It is specifically designed for skilled people who possess a considerable amount of experience in a particular occupation. The program helps thousands of candidates from different corners of the world to apply for Manitoba PNP. Candidates who get selected get the Canada permanent residency status.

Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (FSRI)

Candidates who are in the agriculture business and have experience in the farm can apply under Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (FSRI) program. The candidates who are eligible to apply through this stream must have 3 years of experience in the farming business, a net worth of 3,50,000 CAD, and a desire to settle in Manitoba.


Under this category, Manitoba invites people who come from business and farm backgrounds. You must have a minimum of 3,50,000 CAD net worth to become eligible to apply under the Business stream of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. They must also invest CAD 1,50,000 in equity. The candidate will go through an interview with the Manitoba officer.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Eligibility Requirements Only candidates who comply with the eligibility criteria are considered eligible for the Manitoba PNP. Basically, the applicant needs to comply with the government and state eligibility criteria for selection. The following are the eligibility requirements.

  • The applicant must be 18 years or above to qualify for this program.
  • They must attempt the language proficiency test in either French or English language and achieve a passing score.
  • They must submit the letter of the job offer given by the employer based in Manitoba.
  • They must have sufficient funds to live and work in Manitoba.
  • Their education credentials should meet the minimum education requirements of the employer.
  • Their expertise and experience should be in an occupation that is in demand.
Point Allocation System

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program calculates the candidate’s score based on a number of factors such as age, language score, educational credentials, second language knowledge, work experience, adaptability, and their intention to live within or outside Manitoba province in Canada. Each factor has a minimum qualifying score that you must achieve to qualify for the Canada PR visa.

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