How to change a visitor visa to a work permit in Canada?

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How to change a visitor visa to a work permit in Canada?

Are you one of those who are curious to know how to change a visitor visa to a work permit in Canada? Yes, you are on the right page. As we all know Canada is an astonishing country and highly popular among individuals. Applicants immigrate to Canada in search of better employment opportunities and many of them get this opportunity through the visitor visa.

The policy to convert a visitor visa to a work visa was going to expire on 28th February 2023. However, this policy is extended till 28th February 2025, which means visitors who are already inside Canada can apply for a work permit.

It’s crucial to note that meeting the requirements is necessary for a successful work permit application. To know the process of changing a visitor visa to a work permit, consult with the immigration consultant.

Sernexuss is the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Canada (IRCC) registered consultant who can assist you in exploring opportunities while present in Canada.

What is a temporary policy?

Before this temporary policy, applicants who were already in Canada and applied for work permits needed to leave Canada to be issued the permit. However, now with the temporary policy, candidates don’t need to leave the Land of Maple Leaf.

Under this policy, applicants can apply for a work permit who already receive a valid job offer letter without leaving the country. Canada doesn’t grant work permits easily, you must meet the eligibility criteria, which may also include obtaining a support Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

With the assistance of an immigration consultant, you can check the eligibility criteria to see if you are eligible or not.

Eligibility requirements to convert a visitor visa to a work visa

Requirements to change a visitor visa to a work permit in Canada are;

  • Must have a valid visitor visa from Canada
  • Have a job offer letter supported by a labor market impact assessment (LMIA)
  • Submit your application for an employer-specific work permit before 28th February 2025
  • Must meet all other standard admissibility criteria

How to change a visitor visa to a work permit in Canada?

The process of converting a visitor visa to a work permit in Canada involves several key steps:

  • Job offer letter

Make sure you find a job in Canada and obtain a job offer from a Canadian employer with the assistance of an immigration consultant. Ensure you obtain a job offer letter including your employment duration and salary.

  • Get an LMIA-approved letter

It is a document issued by the Canadian government to employers seeking to hire international workers. Most of the applicants need to obtain an LMIA and get an offer letter to convert a visitor visa to a work permit with the guidance of an immigration consultant.

  • Apply for the work permit

Once, you obtain all these, apply for the work permit with the best immigration professionals. The steps to apply for a work visa are:

  • Gather documents

You must collect all your essential documents, including a job offer, LMIA, proof of current status in Canada, sufficient funds, and other indentures. Connect with immigration experts to know all the documents.

  • Complete the application form

Read out the instructions and guidance and then fill out the form with essential documents. 

  • Create an IRCC account

You can’t fill out the form without an IRCC account. Create an IRCC account on the website of the Canadian government.

  • Wait for the processing time

The processing time of the application depends on the job and the volume of applications. To know about it, connect with the immigration consultant, as it is necessary to keep track of your application status online. Usually, it takes 5-6 months to process an application.

  • Receive your work permit

If your application is approved, you will obtain a work permit that shows the details of your employer’s name, job position, and employment duration.

What are the interim work authorization guidelines?

It should be emphasized that you can’t work in Canada until you don’t get a work permit. IRCC launches “Interim Authorization to Work” which allows you to work while your application is being processed. Immigration consultants can assist you in applying for it. Mentioned below are the eligibility criteria for interim authorization:

  • Must be physically present in Canada
  • Possess a valid status as a visitor
  • Must have applied for an employer-specific work permit
  • Make sure to have 12 months valid permit before you apply for a new one

Sernexuss is the best immigration consultant who has in-depth information about visas and knows how to make it hassle-free for you. This page guides you on how to change a visitor visa to a work permit in Canada with the assistance of a consultant. The new temporary policy brings a lot of benefits to individuals who want to work in Canada.

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