How to apply for Canada Work Permit

How to apply for Canada Work Permit?

Do you want to work in your dreamland? Canada is on your wish list, and you have a desire to earn in dollars? Then you are at the right place, this blog provides you with in-depth information about how to apply for a Canada work permit.

Canada is one of the most popular country among international job seekers to build a successful career. If you are qualified to work in Canada, then applying for a work permit will help you to utilize the facilities offered by the Canadian Government.

What is a Canada Work Permit?

It is one of the best routes for foreign nationals to work in Canada for a specified period of time. You can only apply for a work permit after you have a job offer letter or an employee contract in hand from a Canadian employer.

Here are the following points to work in canada.

  • One Million vacancies available
  • Relaxed working policies for skilled workers
  • 40 hours of work per week.
  • 25 paid leaves every year.
  • 600,000+ work permits issued in 2022


Why apply for a work permit in Canada?

Canada welcomes thousands of skilled foreign individuals who are dedicated to their work. It eventually opens the doors for immigrants who wish to work in Canada.

In canada, there are millions of job vacancies available, therefore, the Canadian government issued work permits in large quantities.

Obtaining the canada work permit will access you to employment insurance in a certain financial way even if you lose your job. Apart from this, you have many more reasons to work in Canada with a Permit visa like Paid sick leave, a Canada Pension Plan, Security benefits, Health benefits, and so on.


Types of Work Permits in Canada

Canada is a developed country with many opportunities to work for foreign organizations with attractive salary packages. If you want to work in Canada, you must have a Canadian work permit.

There are various types of work permits in canada, here are the two frequently used work permits among international individuals.

  • Temporary work permit

It is the standard temporary work visa, which is valid for 1-2 years. It is issued by international skilled workers who already have a job from a Canadian company, and the LMIA has already been issued by the Government of canada

  • Open/ International mobility work permit

This visa allows foreign nationals to work anywhere in canada until their work permit is valid. Certain open work permit may have additional requirements or restrictions which must be respected by the foreign nationals.


How to Apply for Canada Work Permit?

Canada is a heaven to live, work, and settle with your family. It provides exciting career options, a high-quality education system for students, a public health care system, and a standard of living.

The process of applying for a Canada work permit involves several steps. Here are the ways to apply for it.

Step1 – Employer applies for Labour Market  Impact Assessment (LMIA)

If you are applying for a temporary work visa, then the LMIA-approved job offer can be available from a Canadian employer.

Step2- Employer extends a temporary job offer

If you get approved LMIA-approved job offer, then you must send a copy of the sectioned labor market impact assessment (LMIA) with details related to the job offered to foreign workers which includes your job title position, job description, address, specification about the salary, etc.

 Step3- Foreign worker applies for a work permit

Once you have an LMIA and job details, you can apply for a Canadian Temporary Work Permit to Immigration, Refugees, and Canadian Citizenship (IRCC).

If the employer who is hiring you is in the province of Quebec, then you may need to apply for the Certificate acceptation du Quebec (CAQ) in order to temporarily work in Quebec.

Step4- Work Permit is issued

The Canadian temporary work permit is issued by the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) at the point of entry when a skilled foreign worker arrives in Canada. It can be issued for a number of years varied in each case.



International individuals have a desire to work abroad because of employment and business opportunities in Canada.

It is recommended to seek professional advice for your particular case to get your dream job in Canada.

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