Germany Work Visa Consultants In Delhi

Germany Work Visa Consultants In Delhi

Do you have a desire to work in Germany? If yes, then Germany work visa consultants in Delhi can help you get a work permit in the country.

Germany is one of the most attractive destinations for immigrants. Factors that make Germany so appealing that international individuals wish to relocate are its strong economic and welfare system, better employment opportunities and income, and healthy living conditions.

Our immigration experts can help you to obtain a Germany work visa.

Why choose Germany?

Moving abroad can be exciting, challenging, and overwhelming. Immigrating to a country like Germany can help you grow personally and professionally.

Here are various reasons for why Germany is a favorite destination for job seekers:

  • Fast-growing economy
  • Numerous jobs opportunities
  • competitive salary packages
  • Good work-life balance
  • Low cost of living

Types of Germany work visa

There are two types of work permits in Germany that can help you immigrate to the country for work.

Schengen visa or Short-term visa

Schengen visa allows you to enter the country for three months for a small project.   There are several different work permits under these visas.

  • General business
  • Tourist visa
  • Cultural or sports events or film crews
  1. German National visa

A German National Visa will enable you to enter Germany for more than three months. Visas that come under this are;

  • Germany Blue Card
  • Germany Job Seeker Visa
  • Working visa

To get to know about how to get this visa or apply for it. Connect with the best Germany work visa consultants in Delhi.

 How to apply for a job in Germany?

Searching for a job in Germany can be difficult for individuals, but it won’t be if they find the right Germany work visa consultants in Delhi.

The following are the steps to apply for the German work visa:

  1. Find and apply for a job:- You can find a job online through the JOBBÖRSE (Job Board) of the German Federal Employment Agency, which contains job postings from across Europe.


  1. Apply for a work permit:- Once you obtain a job offer, your employer has to apply for a work permit on your behalf. You must get a work visa from the German embassy in your territory.


  1. Register for German health insurance:- After you enter Germany, you must register for health insurance as it is mandatory for all German citizens and residents.


  1. Obtain a German residence permit:– You apply for the residence permit at the Immigration/Foreigner’s Office after working two years in the country.


  1. Start working:- Once you have your residence permit. In the upcoming five years, you will be eligible to settle as a permanent resident in Germany.


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