France visitor visa From India

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France visitor visa From India

France is the world’s leading tourist destination. It is located at the heart of Western Europe. The French Republic offers a fabulous historical heritage and is probably the most diversified natural environment of any European Country. If you wish to visit France for tourism purposes, you need a France visitor visa first.

France tourist visa allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days for tourism and leisure purposes. If you don’t get the specific France visitor visa, you can apply for the Schengen visa, through which you can travel the France.

What are the eligibility criteria to apply for the France visitor visa?

If you want to obtain a France tourist visa meet the eligibility criteria of the country as mentioned below:

  • You must have a valid passport with a validity of six to eight months
  • Ensure you have enough funds to cover your expenses during your stay in France
  • Provide detailed information related to your travel itinerary, such as trip tickets and hotel booking
  • In case of emergency, you must possess a medical insurance worth at least 30,000 euros
  • Make sure you come to back your country before your visa expires. Therefore, show intention to return

How to apply for a France visitor visa?

The process to apply for a France visitor visa involves several key steps:

  • Book an appointment

You must schedule an appointment earlier, as it may take a few weeks during the peak seasons.

  • Fill out the application form

Make sure you fill out the application form with correct and accurate information. Once you are done with the form, you will get a list of the documents to be submitted at the time of the appointment.

  • Gather documents

Collect all the essential documents and ensure they all are correct as required. 

  • Attend the appointment

On the day of the appointment, carry your documents, give a short interview, and provide biometrics (if needed).

  • Receive answer

After following all the above steps, now you need to wait for the decision from the embassy on whether your visa is approved or not. If approved, collect it from the application center.

Documents required to apply for the France tourist visa

The France tourist visa requirements are as follows:

  • A France visa application form.
  • Recent color passport-sized photographs
  • A valid passport
  • A cover letter
  • Detailed travel itinerary
  • Proof of travel insurance
  • Confirmed return flight tickets
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Bank statements of the last 6-8 months as proof of adequate funds

What is the processing time for a France Visitor visa?

The processing time for a France tourist visa takes 15 days approximately from the date of your visa appointment. It is best to apply earlier for a visitor visa before your departure.

France visitor visa fee

The applicable France visitor visa fees are mentioned below: 




For Adults

80 euros

For children (6 to 12 years)

40 euros

Children below 6



France is one of the most fascinating countries to explore, with astonishing historical and natural sites, centuries-old buildings, glorious castles, beautiful countryside, and serene beaches. To discover all these wonderful features of the country, apply for the France Visitor Visa with the immigration consultant.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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The financial requirement for a visa to France is €65 per day. However, this amount can change based on diverse factors.

Visa applications are processed within 15 days. This period can be extended up to 45 days in specific cases.

You can find out the status of your visa application by visiting the VFS portal. On the website, you will find the option to check the status of your visa online.

You can stay in France as a tourist for up to 90 days and explore the beauty of the country. For more information, visit the French Embassy or website.