Canada Visitor Visa from India

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Canada Visitor Visa from India

Are you one of those who have a passion for traveling? Is Canada on your bucket list? Then you can apply for a Canada Visitor visa from India under the guidance of our Immigration experts.

Indians have a desire to travel abroad. There are more than 100 countries where Indians can visit without a visa. Although countries like Canada require a visa to enter.

Canada is a country in North America with Niagara Falls as the most famous natural attraction bringing millions of visitors every year. While staying in your dreamland, you can explore the cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, etc.

Types of Canada tourist visa

A Canada visitor visa or temporary resident visa is an official document mandatory to carry your from India. It shows that you meet the essential requirements to enter Canada.

The Canadian government reviews your application and issues you a tourist visa for Canada depending on the eligibility criteria.

Here are two types of tourist visas that permit you to enter Canada

  • Single-entry visa

A single-entry visa lets you travel in Canada for once. If you want to visit Canada again, you will need a new visa to re-enter. The validity of a Canada visa is 6 months.

  • Multiple entry visa

A multiple-entry visa will allow you to visit as many times as you want to travel to Canada within a validity of 10 years.

Requirements for a Canada Visitor Visa

Do you want to travel to Canada? If yes, a few requirements are essential to be fulfilled once you apply for the tourist visa.

Here is the list of essential documents you need to have for the Canada visitor visa from India:

    • A valid passport

    You need to have a valid passport or travel document which should not expire before 6 months. Travelling to another country, authorization is required by  Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

    • Application form

    You need to complete an application form with the needed documents and pay the application fee.

    • Proof of funds

    You must prove that you have enough money to support your stay and cover your expenses till you are staying in Canada.

    • Travel details

    It is advised you provide your travel itinerary that shows when you will arrive and depart at the end of your Canada visit.

    • Biometric information

    You are asked to prepare your biometric details which include your fingerprints and a photograph. 

    • Home ties

    The Canadian government wants to ensure that after your visit to Canada, you will return back to your country. For that, you need to show a connection with your family, employment, job, etc.

    • Invitation To Apply

    If you are invited by any family member who resides in Canada, you may need to submit an ITA that depicts they invited you

How to apply for a Canada Visitor Visa from India?

The process of applying for a tourist visa will determine whether you will land in your heaven country or not.

To apply for a Canada tourist visa, you need to follow these steps:

  • Check your eligibility

You must examine your competence to obtain a temporary visa to enter Canada as a tourist.

  • Application process

You must have all the necessary documents for your application like a photograph, passport, financial proof, and so on. You can fill out your application form online or on paper.

  • Submission of application

Now pay the application fee, and submit your application online or offline in a visa application center (VAC).

  • Processing time

The Canadian government will check your application. The processing time for a Canada tourist visa may vary. But as of the year 2023, the processing time from India is approximately 28 days.


All you need is a passport to travel around the world. Everybody wants to travel the Canada because of its standardized life, rocky mountains, hiking trails, and much more.

The Maple Leaf country has many adventurous sides to dig out that will amaze you. Travel in the most attractive countries by applying for a Canada visitor visa from India.

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Contact Sernexuss to fulfill your itinerant dream because “better to see something once… than to hear about it a thousand times.”

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