Canada Tourist Visa Processing Time

Canada Tourist Visa Processing Time

 When it comes to traveling, Canada has been on everyone’s list, and about that; no doubt. Canada has everything you want lakes, gardens, dazzling views, eye-catching places, and so on. However, traveling needs time, money, and patience.

Canada is a beautiful country, although individuals are always been anxious to know about the Canada tourist visa processing time. To know the details or processing time, you can connect with the tourist visa consultants in Delhi who will help you with each and everything.

Visitor visa consultants not only help you with information but also make sure to access the Canada visitor visa simply and smoothly for you.

What Is A Canada Tourist Visa?

It is an official document issued by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to allow you to visit Canada on meeting the eligibility criteria. A tourist visa will permit you to stay usually for 6 months.

Types of tourist visa

If you want to apply for a Canada tourist visa. You can obtain your permit to visit Canada in two ways.

Single-entry visa

This visa allows you to travel only once in Canada. If you want to visit again, you have to apply for a new passport.

Multiple-entry visa

This visa will allow you to travel to Canada more than once within the validity of 10 years.

Requirements for a Canada visitor visa

Before submitting your application for a tourist visa, you need to check the list of required acquittances.

Here is the list of the documents that you need to know about Canada visitor visas:

A valid passport

You must have a valid passport to travel to another country.

Application form

Fill out the application form with all the needed documents and pay the fee.

Proof of Financial support

You must prove to them you have enough amount of money to stay in Canada and to cover your expenses.

Travel details

You should provide them with your travel itinerary details which show your arrival and departing time.

Biometric time

Your biometric details are necessary too which include your fingerprints and a photograph.

Home Connection

The Canadian officer wants to know your relations like family, spouse, children, etc., which ensures you will return to your country after visiting Canada.

Invitation to apply

If you are invited by any family members, then you need to provide an ITA that shows you are invited.

How to apply for a Canada visitor visa?

Obtaining a visa is an essential step to travel to any country. However, you need to check your eligibility criteria to apply for a Canada visa.

Here are the mandatory steps that need to be followed by you to apply for a Canada tourist visa:

Check your eligibility

To apply for a Canada visitor visa, you need to check your eligibility whether you will enter Canada or not.

Application process

The second step after meeting the eligibility criteria is to fill out the form with the required documents like photographs, passport, financial proof, etc.

Form Submission

Now submit your application form online or offline at a visa application center (VAC) and pay a fee.

What is the Canada tourist visa processing time?

The last step is the process timing. After applying, every individual wants to know the Canada tourist visa processing time.

Canada has several visa categories, each with a different period to process the visas. When you are applying for a tourist visa, the time process also depends on the country you live.

If you are applying for a Canada tourist visa from India, then it will usually take 23-28 days as the Canadian government will be checking your application.

When applying for a visitor visa, make sure you provide the correct documents and accurate information for a successful Canada tourist visa.



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