Canada PR Process

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Canada PR Process

Are you willing to immigrate to Canada and want to know about the Canada PR Process? Then Canada visa consultant will provide you with all the information you need to know about Canada Immigration.

Canada is one of the best country in the world that welcomes international people from all over the world for a bright future.

Do you know? Canada falls under the top 10 ranking based on economic stability, income equality, job opportunities, safety, political stability, education, and many more.

Why to apply for Canada PR?

Many foreign nationals have a desire to immigrate to Canada. Accessing Canadian permanent residency comes with a wide range of benefits that attract many individuals from all over the world.

Here are the reasons why Canadian immigration is popular among foreign nationals:

  • Canada PR holders have access to a universal healthcare system.
  • Free education at all levels, primary, secondary, and post-secondary education to the PR holders.
  • Right to live, work, and settle anywhere in Canada.
  • Enjoy the same rights as Canadian citizens.
  • After spending five years in Canada, you can apply for Canadian Citizenship, which includes the right to vote.
  • Canada PR holders can sponsor their families to come and live in Canada.

How to apply for the Canada PR Process?

Here are 6 mandatory steps to be followed to apply for the Canada PR application process:

  • Apply for ECA: The educational credential assessment is used to verify that credentials are equivalent to the Canadian education system. An ECA should be from organized authorities such as WES, ICES, etc. It requires 6 to 8 weeks for completion.
  • Language proficiency: Your linguistic skills which are speaking, listening, reading, and writing should be well-versed to apply for Canada PR, for that you need to clear through IELTS/PTE/TOEFL exam at least with a 6 band score.
  • Proof of documentation: To fill out the application from any pathway, you should have all the required documents including the birth certificate, medical exam, marriage proof, etc.
  • Calculate CRS Score: Your CRS score includes various factors such as age, qualification, linguistic abilities, work experience, etc. To submit a PR application to Canada, you must score 67 points based on your eligibility criteria.
  • Obtain ITA: You will receive an invitation to apply (ITA) if you meet the requirements and achieve the required score in the express entry pool.
  • Apply for Canada PR: If you receive an ITA, you have a limited time to submit a complete PR application through various immigration pathways.
Document Checklist for Canada PR

The documents required for Canada PR can vary based on the specific immigration program under which you are applying.

If you apply for Canada PR without original documents, it may not be approved by Canadian authorities.

  • Valid Passport
  • Educational Credential Assessment
  • Proof of the required amount of funds
  • Result of entrance exams (IELTS/PTE)
  • A Canadian’s employer offer letter
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Personal reference code
  • Job seeker validation job
  • Evidence of medical report
  • Birth certificate
  • Photographs
  • Police Verification report
  • LOR from prior employers
Best Pathways to Apply for Canada PR

Discover the best route to start your Canada PR application process with us:

1. Express entry

It is a point-based system that manages applications for three programs to apply for Canada PR:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

2. Provincial Nominee Program

Each Canadian province and territory has its own PNP except Quebec. It was established to attract skilled international talent to Canadian provinces.

Certain top Provinces to apply under this program are.

  • Alberta PNP
  • British Columbia PNP
  • Manitoba PNP
  • Ontario PNP
  • Prince Edward Island PNP
  • Saskatchewan PNP
  • Nova scotia PNP

3. Quebec Immigration

Quebec is not a part of the provincial nominee program. Therefore, it has other immigration-level plans and programs.

The cities of the Quebec provinces are.

  • Montreal
  • Laval
  • Terrebonne
  • Gatineau
  • Levi

4. Atlantic Immigration Program

It is a fast-track immigration program for skilled foreign workers and International Graduates from Canadian Universities, who desire to work and live in Canada.

It has 3 programs for skilled workers and international students to become permanent residents. 

  • Atlantic High-Skilled Program
  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program
  • Atlantic International Graduate Program

5. Canada Start-Up Visa Program (SUV)

This is an SUV program that is best for qualified entrepreneurs who want to start or launch a business in Canada.

Here are the steps to check whether you are eligible for this program:

  • Your business should be qualifying as per the industry trend
  • You should have a letter of support from the identified organization
  • Proof of Sufficient fund
  • Must meet specific Language requirements

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