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Canada PR Points Calculator

Canada PR Points Calculator is a tool that helps you to calculate your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score.

It is a point-based system used by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to rank profiles against each other in the Express entry pool.

The CRS Score includes various factors like age, qualification, language proficiency, work experience, adaptability, and employment in Canada. the express entry draw is conducted on a regular basis, and highly qualified individuals are selected using the CRS system.

CRS Points Calculator

You must score at least 67 points to be eligible for Canada PR. The required CRS score helps you to create an Express Entry Profile. To know your CRS score you can use the Canada PR points Calculator.

This point-based system is used to determine individual eligibility for Canadian Immigration Programs such as: –

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

How to Check Your CRS Score?

If you want to check your CRS score for Canada PR, then you should use the Canada PR points Calculator that calculates points on various factors.

The points allocations may change over time, so you should consult our best immigration visa experts for up-to-date information.

The maximum point for each factor is given below.

  • Age: The points will be awarded to you on your age factor, you can obtain a maximum of 12 points. Canada prefers younger immigrants, so if you are older than 45 age, the scores get declined.

  • Education: If you have completed your overseas education, then you must have an educational credential assessment (ECA) evaluated by an authorized organization. You can score a maximum of 25 points on your education.

  • Work Experience: The years of work experience in Canada can help you to receive a maximum of 15 points. If you have obtained the same amount of work as full-time working hours in your part-time work, then you will get some points. If you do a part-time job whose hours are equal to full-time working hours, then you will get some points.

  • Linguistic skills: You can obtain a maximum of 28 points for language proficiency in one of the two official languages of Canada, English, and French. In the first official language, you will obtain 24 points, and the rest of the four points in the second official language.

  • Arranged employment: You can receive a maximum of 15 points if you have a valid job offer from a Canadian Employer. You must get this offer before applying to arrive in Canada as a federal skilled worker.

  • Adaptability: In this factor, the points are given based on your previous study, work, and relatives in Canada. If your partner or spouse is also immigrating to Canada, they can acquire additional points under the adaptability factor.

Best Ways to Increase Your CRS Score

  • Boost your language score: If your score is low, then try to evaluate your linguistic skills by re-appearing for the IELTS exams, and your score will increase. Appearing for French language exams can add up to 74 points.

  • Job Offer letter: You should have a valid job offer letter from a Canadian employer to increase your CRS score. So, try to get a job offer as soon as it is possible for you. it will help to receive additional points.

  • Provincial Nominee Program: If you get the provincial nominee then you will receive the 600 CRS Points. It increases your chance of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and this will help you to improve your CRS score.

  • Education in Canada: You should at least complete a degree or a diploma from a Canadian university as it can add up to 30 extra points.

  • Apply with a partner: If you are planning to immigrate to Canada with your spouse, then your partner’s linguistic ability is worth 20 points, also the education level and work experience can add up to 10 points.


Canada PR point calculator is necessary to calculate your score. The higher your CRS score, the greater your chances of receiving an invitation to apply (ITA) for Canada PR.

If Your CRS score is not meeting the criteria, and you wish to increase it, then our immigration experts will guide you to improve your CRS score. Not only for Canada but for other countries as well.

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