Canada Job Consultancy

Canada Job Consultancy

Opportunity doesn’t make appointments; you have to be ready when it arrives. Get your dream job in Canada with the best Canada Job Consultancy in India.

For many foreign nationals, especially Indians seeking employment, Canada is the most preferred destination. Your ability to permanently immigrate to Canada will be made possible if you opt to work in Canada.

The Canadian government encourages people to apply for multiple visas, enter the country legally, and work there. As a result, you can choose the option that best matches your qualifications and needs.

How To Get Job In Canada From India?

About 3,000,000 immigrants come to Canada each year; it is one of the top destinations for individuals who are willing to pursue their ambitions. The skilled worker point-based system is the basic foundation for work visas for Canadians. One of the most well-known visas is the Federal Skilled Worker Visa, which is intended for those with extensive experience and high levels of expertise in their field of employment.

Why To Apply For Canada Work Permit?

People are drawn to Immigrate to Canada because of the country’s high incomes, challenging workplace climate, top-notch educational possibilities, and many more.

Top reasons why foreign workers select Canada include:

  • Favorable and competitive working environment.
  • Luxurious and global lifestyle.
  • High-class, top-notch education.
  • A safe and secure environment.
  • World-class facilities and free health care system.

Types Of Canada Work Permit

There are basically two types of work permit to migrate to Canada for Indians:

  1. Employer-Specific Work Permit

Working professionals from India are allowed to work for the specific employer. Individual willing to work in Canada must follow the rules & regulations, and terms of employment. Similar to other work visa types, this one specifies the employer’s name, the job’s duration, and the location.

  1. Open work permit

Open Work Permit Program in Canada allows vulnerable workers, particularly for those who are victimized. A individual may work for any Canadian employer in this kind of authorization.

Note: working professionals cannot obtain an Open Work Permit.

Eligibility Criteria For Work Permit In Canada

Indian professionals must meet eligibility requirements in order to be granted a work permit and get approval to work in Canada.

The prerequisites for an Indian national to obtain a work visa for Canada are listed below.

  • Applicant’s intention to leave Canada after the work permit’s validity period is over
  • Evidence of having enough money to support the applicant and his/her family while they are in Canada.
  • A medical checkup may be required of applicants.
  • Cannot work for a company that the government has been declared incompetent.
  • In order to prove your eligibility for entry, applicants must provide documentation as requested by the officer.
  • Candidates must not have a criminal history. Additionally, a police clearance must be submitted.

Best Canada Job Consultancy

The best Canada job consultancy offers staffing solutions to meet local, national, and international hiring needs. Our mission is to help job seekers to find new jobs and to help companies locate the most qualified candidates for open positions. We wish to aid employers in locating the ideal candidates and assist them in achieving their goals.

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