Canada CRS Points Calculator

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Canada CRS Points Calculator

Canada CRS Points Calculator is a tool used to calculate your Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS)Score for Canada immigration.

It is a point-based system used by Immigration, Refugees, and Canadian Citizenship (IRCC) to rank profiles against each other in the Express Entry pool.

To calculate the CRS score, it includes your age, qualification, work experience, linguistic skills, adaptability, and employment in Canada. The Express Entry draw is conducted on a regular basis and the highly certified individual gets selected using the CRS system.

CRS Points Calculator

To apply for Canada PR, you must meet the minimum eligibility criteria of 67 points. Your CRS score will be generated once your profile has been entered into the Express Entry pool.

These scores determine whether your profile is selected and whether you receive an invitation.

How to check the CRS score for Canada PR?

In order to check your Canada PR CRS score, you should use the Canada CRS Points Calculator which determines the points based on different factors.

Keep in mind that the allocation of points may vary from time to time. Therefore, it is recommended to consult our best Immigration experts.

Here are the maximum points you need to meet the FSWP program’s eligibility requirements.

  1. Age: Your scores will be awarded to you on the age factor, and a maximum of 12 points can be obtained. Canada has a preference for younger immigrants. If you are over 45 years old, your scores will decrease.

  2. Education: If you have finished your Education in your native place or any country other than Canada, then you need to have an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) carried out by an approved body. You can score 25 points on your Education.

  3. Work experience: You can earn up to 15 points depending on the number of years you have worked.

  4. Linguistic skills: You can earn up to 28 points if you are proficient in one of Canada’s two official languages. If you are proficient in the first language, you will earn 24 points, and the remaining 4 points in the second language.

  5. Arranged employment: In this, the maximum points you can receive is 15, if you have a job offer from the  Canadian Employers. You must receive a job offer from a Canadian Employer before you apply to immigrate to Canada as a Skilled Worker.

  6. Adaptability: Your points are determined by this element based on your prior education, employment and familial ties to Canada. Your partner or spouse can receive bonus points for this adaptation feature if they are moving to Canada.
How to increase your CRS score?
  1. Boost your language score: If you have a low score, re-appear for the IELTS exam to test your linguistic skills and your score will increase. You can score up to 50 points by appearing for the French language exam.

  2. Job offer letter: Try to gain a job offer letter as you will receive a minimum of 15 points in your CRS score for a job offer. It will help you to receive additional points.

  3. Provincial nominee program: When you get a nomination from any PNP, it adds 600 CRS points to improve your score, which increases your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply.

  4. Education in Canada: You must complete a degree or diploma from a Canadian university as it can add up to 30 extra points.

  5. Apply with a partner: If you are immigrating with your partner, then his/her language skills can add up to 20 points, also the Education level can add up to 10 points.

You need to use the Canada CRS Points Calculator to calculate your Canada CRS score. The higher your CRS score, the greater your chances of receiving an ITA.

If you have a low CRS score and want to improve it, then consult with our immigration experts who will help you in improving your Canadian CRS score.

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