Albania Work Permit Agents In India

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Albania Work Permit Agents In India

Albania is a country located on the Balkan Peninsula in southern Europe. It has beautiful landscapes, rich culture, pristine waters, and stunning coastlines. Every year, Albania welcomes more than 4 million visitors. Immigrants who want to immigrate to Illyria need an Albania work permit that can change their lives as applicants can earn significant financial and interpersonal gains.

Applicants immigrating to Albania need to understand that the country values time and expects employees to be hardworking and dedicated to their work. So, only apply for a work permit when you are ready to contribute to the success of the country. Connect with the best immigration consultant and apply for a work permit.

What is an Albania work permit?

Albania’s work permit allows applicants to enter and work in the country. The validity period of the work permit depends on the type of visa the applicant selects. Anyone who wants to work for more than three months must obtain an Albanian work permit.

How many types of work permits are there in Albania?

Albania Work Permit Agents In India

First, individuals need to decide which kind of work permit they need. Usually, there are four types of work permits in Albania.

  1. Type A:- This work permit is granted to candidates who work in Albania as full-time employees or as a domestic servant, athletes, family members, and so on. It is issued for one year and can be renewed two times in a row for two years.
  2. Type B:- It is categorized into two subdivisions:
  • Type B/VP:- This is issued to self-employed or a foreigner who owns a business, and for independent economic activity with a validity of one year.
  • Type B/I:- Individuals who want to invest in the companies can apply for this visa. This is issued to the foreign investor with a term of 3 years, and they need to invest at least 200000 Euros.
  1. Type C:- This is issued to international individuals for exceptional cases or special occasions for one year. The sub-category of the visa is:
  • Type C/SHK:– Issued to applicants who perform an activity or offer a service based on a contract.
  1. Type D:- Individuals who have been working in Albania for five years can apply for a permanent residency visa.

What are the requirements to obtain an Albania work permit?

The list of the documents applicant need to obtain a work permit includes;

  • A valid passport
  • Passport colourful photographs
  • Correctly filled the application form
  • Bank statement of the last six months
  • Proof that you have valid health insurance
  • Job offer letter from an employer
  • Police Clearance Certificate

How to apply for the Albania work permit?

Albania Work Permit Agents In India

The process of applying for the work permit involves various key steps:

  • Fill out the form

Applicants need to visit the website and need to complete the application form online.

  • Collect documents

They must gather all the necessary documents to fill out the application. The list of the documents listed in the ‘Albania Visa Requirements’.

  • Pay the fee

Pay the relevant application fee and submit the application.

  • Wait for the decision.

Once you submit the application, wait for approval. If your visa got approved, you will receive a call or email.

Albania work permit processing time

The processing time of the work permit depends on the type of visa you have chosen, the number of applications received at the embassy. The processing time usually takes around 15 to 30 days. This can be extended based on applicants circumstances.

How can Sernexuss assist you?

Sernexuss offers a range of services to assist individuals in obtaining a work permit. Here is a breakdown of the facilities we bestow;

  • Sernexuss offers free counseling services to guide individuals throughout the process of obtaining a work permit
  • We assist individuals in finding jobs in Albania
  • Our immigration professionals review all the requirements for obtaining a work permit, which ensures candidates have a clear idea of what is needed to prepare for the application
  • Assist clients in completing the application process


To start your application process, connect with Sernexuss, the only best immigration consultant who can assist you throughout the process to obtain a Albania work permit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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It generally takes around 15 to 30 days to approve your application after submitting it, and no more than that.

No, if you are a citizen of outside the EU countries, you need to obtain the Albania work permit If you are outside the EU countries, you need an Albania work permit to enter the country and work legally.

The list of documents to apply for the work permit are as follows:

  • Employment contract
  • Valid passport
  • Photographs
  • Job offer letter
  • Health insurance certificate
  • Proof of income
  • Police Clearance Certificate