Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada

Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada is one of the most searched questions on google by people willing to immigrate to Canada. Individuals planning to apply for Canada PR always get confused in choosing reliable and trustworthy immigration consultants.

It is right for people to get confused as there are uncountable immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada. Some of these consultants are honest, but some are frauds who just run for clients’ money.

The immigration process to Canada is not that easy for people to manage independently; that’s why it gets compulsory for them to select experienced and authorized immigration consultants. 

What is Canada PR?

Canada PR is one of the best-approved ways for someone planning to immigrate and settle in Canada to enjoy a luxurious life. Canada is all set to welcome more than 1.5 million new immigrants in the coming years.

When selecting immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada PR, what should an individual look for?

A candidate should know the following steps to be aware of fraud and fake consultancies and to select the best immigration consultants in Delhi who can help them to immigrate to Canada. 

  1. The physical presence of consultancy- Each legal and honest immigration consultant should have a properly established office where their clients can visit to see whether they exist. A candidate can judge the legality of the consultants by physically visiting and interacting with the immigration consultants.

  1. What services does your immigration consultant offer?

It will be good for a candidate to have options before selecting a particular immigration consultant. They should compare the services of each immigration consultant they visit before making a final decision.

A legal immigration consultant in Delhi for Canada should offer the following services to its clients:

  • Case study/ analysis
  •  Technical Evaluation
  •  Documentation assistance
  •  Visa application filing
  •  Post-landing services
  • Settlement plan

  1. Their Payment options

Every legal consultant should have a fair, transparent payment system. They should inform the about their payment process to the clients at the very beginning of their immigration process so that they can compare the service charges of other consultants.

What services does Sernexuss offer to clients looking for Canada PR?

  • How to apply for Canada PR Visa

At the beginning of the interaction, our experts explain everything about Canada PR to the client. Then we explain our process of how to apply for a Canada PR visa from India. Some clients are not present in Delhi or India, so we also explain how to apply for permanent residence in Canada from outside Canada.

  • Check eligibility for PR in Canada.

The essential part of Canada’s PR process is to check the eligibility of the candidates. Because to start the Canadian PR process, a candidate should be eligible and meet all the requirements of the Canadian Government.


IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a must for candidates applying for Canada PR. Sernexuss offers complimentary free IELTS classes to all its clients by professional and experienced IELTS coaches. English and French are Canada’s two official languages, and the immigrant applicant must be proficient in any of the languages to apply for Canada PR.

  • Job Assistance

We provide job assistance to our clients to help them get a job in Canada from India to start working immediately after landing in Canada and not have to worry about finding a job in a new country.

  • Processing time for Canada PR

Many clients ask us at the beginning of the interaction if they can get get a Canada PR in 8 to 10 months. The answer is yes, they can get their Canada PR in 8 to 10 months, but it depends on numerous factors like their application type, the program they applied to, documents, etc.

Processing time for Canada PR depends from program to program, and some might takes six months, but others can take 12 months. But our RCIC representative makes sure to submit all the verified documents of the clients and manage all the application processes for them.

  • Immigrate to Canada with spouse

Many clients have questions like- can I immigrate to Canada with my spouse, or if my spouse can also travel with me? The answer to this question is yes; a candidate can immigrate to Canada with their spouse through Canada’s family sponsorship program.

We also make it possible for the clients to receive a positive result through services like:

  • Eligibility check
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Handling all the documentation work
  • Visa application
  • Post-landing services & settlement plan

Who is Sernexuss?

Sernexuss is an experienced and RCIC-registered immigration advisor. We have been working for the last eight years, and our immigration advisors have a combined experience of 16 years in the immigration field.

 We have a team of experienced immigration experts, counselors, IELTS coaches, case managers, etc. Our mission is to provide the best visa assistance to our clients so that they can fulfill their desires of immigrating to their dream countries. 

Contact us to know more information.

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