Canada PR Visa is the best option for anyone who is willing to move to Canada. Canada PR Visa allows every immigrant to stay there for a period of 5 years. It allows the immigrants to study, work and live a comfortable life.

Apply to Canada PR Visa from India through Express Entry Program

To get PR Visa from India through express entry can be accomplished through the following steps:-

1. Educational Credential Assessment:- The first step is that candidates need to get an ECA certificate so that they can prove their eligibility equivalent to Canadian education.

2. Language Test:- There are two official languages in Canada, one in English, and the second in French. It is compulsory for the candidate to prove their language proficiency at least in one language.

3. Express Profile:- Creating an express profile is very important to apply through the express entry program. Candidates can apply through any one of the three federal economic immigration programs.

4. Provincial Nominee Program:- It is one of the best choices for the candidate to apply through PNP in the express entry for Pr Visa. Any candidate who is able to gain the PNP certificate will be rewarded with 600 CRS Points, which will increase the chances of the candidate to gain the PR Visa.

5. ITA:- After going through all the above processes then the profile of higher-ranked candidates is issued an ITA (Invitation to apply) to apply for a PR visa within 60 days.

6. Medical and Background Check:- It is compulsory for every candidate to get a valid medical certificate that will prove that the candidate is physically and mentally fit. Secondly, they need to gain a Police Clearance Certificate which will state that candidate has no past criminal history.

7. Evaluation of Application:- In this step, the application of the candidate is evaluated by IRCC (Immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada). After the assessment of the application, if there is some other information or document that is required, the candidate should be prepared to obtain it in the given time.

8. COPR:- After the evaluation of the application, if the result is positive the candidate will receive Confirmation of Permanent Resident.

9. After the completion of all the above 8 points, the candidate is all ready to move to Canada from India.

Various Migration Program to Gain Canada Pr Visa from India

There are more than 80 immigration paths to move to Canada. Different Immigration program that helps an Indian to move to Canada from India are Following:-

Express Entry:- Express entry was built to take care of the immigration applications of skilled workers. It is a point-based immigration administrative system developed by IRCC in 2015.

There are 3 types of immigration programs under Express Entry:-

1. CEC:- Canadian Experience Class is for those skilled workers who have past work experience in Canada but the work experience must be obtained in the 3 years before you apply.

2. FSWP:- Federal Skilled Worker Program is for that skilled workers who have past work in any foreign country but must be eligible to meet other qualification also.

3. FSTP:- Federal Skilled Trades Program is for those workers who are certified in a skilled trade and must have a valid job offer.

All the applications of the candidates are submitted together in Express Pool. After that Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) issues ITA to Higher ranked profiles to apply for Canada PR Visa to IRCC.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program:- The QSWP is a program which is operated by the province of Quebec in Canada. QSWP is for those skilled workers who want to be a permanent resident of Canada and work in Quebec. QSWP is a special agreement by Quebec with the Government of Canada.

There are two stages to apply for immigrant application as Quebec skilled worker to migrate to Canada.

The first step is to submit an application to the Government of Quebec for Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec [CSQ]).

In the second stage if you are selected by Quebec province and receive a CSQ, then you need to apply to IRCC ( Immigration, Refugees Citizenship Canada ) for Permanent residence in Canada.

Atlantic Immigration Program:- The AIP is an immigration program that welcomes immigrants to Canada’s four Atlantic Province Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island to fulfill the needs of local employers.

The program is designed specially to support skilled workers and increase the employment rate. It prioritizes the the development of Atlantic growth strategy.

The AIP is a program that is driven by employers, where employers hire foreign nationals for different jobs and positions. All the applicants who are traveling to Canada under this program must receive a job offer from the employer and a settlement plan for themselves and their families.

There are two programs for AIP:-

Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP):- In AHSP the skilled worker needs to have one year of experience based on a job offer. AHSP is based on a contract period where the candidate has to sign one year contract with the employer, and the job is for full time. The candidate must clear level 4 of any of the Canadian official languages, that is either English or french.

Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP):- AISP is a full-time job offer where candidates must have one year of experience related to the job offer they receive. The candidate must clear level 4 of any of the Canadian official languages, that is either English or french.

There is one more program for the foreign graduate students Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP). AIGP is also a full-time job offer for a period of one year. The candidate must clear level 4 of any of the Canadian official languages, that is either English or french.

Sponsors:- The application of the candidates can be sponsored by their family and relatives. Any candidate who is willing to move to Canada and also wants their family members to accompany them as a permanent resident or a citizen in Canada can apply through this family class immigration.

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Canada PR Points

Immigration to Canada is a score-based system. Canada PR Points system is very useful to every candidate who is looking forward to moving to Canada because it helps the candidate to prepare for a positive result.

Immigrants who apply for Canada PR Visa through Federal Skilled Worker Program must have to acquire 67 numbers out of 100.
The points systems are based on the following factors:-

• Language Proficiency- must need to score 28 points.
• Education- need to score 25 points
• Work Experience- need to score a maximum of 15 points
• Age- need to achieve a maximum of 12 points
• Arranged Employment- need to score a Maximum of 10 points
• Adaptability- need to score a Maximum of 10 points

After the assessment, if the candidate scores 67 points, he or she is eligible to apply for Canadian immigration. They need to create an express profile after the positive result and the CRS will rank the profiles in the express pool and the candidate will receive an ITA.

Compulsory Documents to apply for Canada Pr Visa From India

It is very compulsory for the immigrant to provide all the required documents on time.

Following are the list of documents required to obtain for Canada PR Visa:-
• Educational Credential Assessment Certificate
IELTS Test result or Language Certificate
• Educational certificates
• Identity Proof
• Medical and Police Clearance Certificate
• Travel Documents like Passport
• Any other document required by the authority need to be obtained instantly within the given period of time

Conclusion:- Many people are looking forward to moving to Canada because of the improved and friendly immigration policy by the Canadian Government. Canada PR Visa is one of the best options for the candidate who is willing to move to Canada because once the candidate fulfills all the requirements and receives a Pr Visa, they can enjoy all the medical and other social facilities provided by the government. The candidate can live, work and study anywhere in Canada. The best part of Canada PR Visa is that the candidate can enjoy all the facilities of Canada but still be a citizen of their native country.

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