How Do PNP Welcome Immigrants To Apply For Canada PR?

The Provincial Nominee Program welcomes immigrants to apply for Canada PR by nominating them to come and settle in a specific province of their choice.

Over the past few years, Canada has been continuously welcoming more immigrants to come, stay, live, and work permanently in the country. The Provincial Nominee Program is one of its renowned pathways to invite candidates to specific provinces to fill the labor requirements and to help them achieve the Canada PR.

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

Ontario is one of the most popular provinces and an esteemed tech hub in Canada, diverting the attention of millions of immigrants globally. Definitely, Canada has become successful in providing over 80,000 tech jobs in the last five years. Ontario recently held draws and provided ITAs (Invitation to Apply) to apply for Canada Permanent Residence Visa to over 1,770 Express Entry candidates from Information Technology occupations who have achieved minimum CRS scores of 435 or more.

The candidates looking to apply for Ontario Tech Draw must hold the required work experience in the six specified jobs of the technology sector and should achieve a CRS score of 435 or more to be eligible. Consequently, Ontario Provincial Nominee Program has become a successful program in inviting the maximum number of applicants to apply for Canada PR.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

On the other hand, the province of British Columbia has become victorious in inviting over 3390 candidates to apply for the PNP programs from the specified provinces during the last 20 years.

Lately, it has provided 3100 nominations opening entries for candidates over the last years. Out of 3100, a total of 2000 nominations commenced from the Express Entry Skilled Worker Category, while 936 got initiated from international graduates under the international graduate class. Around 750 nominations have increased compared with the last years, experiencing an increase of 45% in nominations provided by the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. Thus, Provincial Nominee Program is a dominant pathway in Canada and encourages skilled foreign workers to come and work for Canadian companies with particular nomination classes by getting nominated and applying for Canada PR.

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