Canada IELTS Band Requirements

In today’s globalized world, every individual has a desire to immigrate to their desired country for study, work, and permanent residency. Canada is becoming common among immigrants for immigration; it is one of the top destinations for skilled workers, along with international students.

Canada offers numerous opportunities for those seeking a better future. However, applicants need to meet certain language proficiency requirements, such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), to avail of all these opportunities.

In this blog, we will delve into the comprehensive guide to Canada IELTS Band requirements.

What is IELTS?

It’s a standardized test designed to assess the language ability of applicants who need to study or work in a foreign nation. It evaluated four key language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Why is IELTS required for immigration?

English-speaking countries place great importance on language proficiency, especially for immigrants, students, and skilled workers. Before immigration, the Canadian government ensures that the migrants have the necessary language skills to settle into the Canadian society and contribute effectively to the labour market.

IELTS Band Requirements for Canada

There are various purposes for which Canada IELTS band requirements are necessary.

IELTS Band Requirements for Canada

  1. Immigration Purposes:- If you are applying through the Express Entry System or other immigration pathways, meeting the linguistic skills proficiency requirements is mandatory. The minimum required band score depends on various factors such as immigration, program, occupation, etcetera.
  2. Study purposes:- For international students who want to study at Canadian universities or colleges, English must be their second language. The IELTS band requirements may vary on the institution and the program of study. For postgraduate programs, the requirements may be slightly higher.
  3. Work purposes:- Skilled workers seeking to immigrate to Canada, meeting the IELTS  requirement is a must. Whether applying through the Express Entry System or the Provincial Nominee Program. However, it is essential to check the specific criteria for the immigration stream through which you are considering migrating.

Minimum IELTS Band Score Requirement

The minimum IELTS band score requirements may vary on the visa requirements, institution/university, and program you are applying for. However, the universities and colleges set their own minimum requirements, and immigration authorities have specific band score requirements for visa purposes.

The table below highlights the IELTS band score for better understanding:-

Band Score Description Skill level
9 Complete command of the English language Expert
8 Few inaccuracies but excel in detailed argumentation Very good
7 Operational command of the language with occasional errors Good
6 Exhibits detailed reasoning skills Competent
5 Capable of understanding complex language Modest
4 The candidate’s competence is limited to familiar situations. However, they are unable to use complex language. Limited
3 Only convey general meaning in familiar situations Very Limited
2 Face difficulty in both writing and speaking Intermittent
1 The applicant is unable to use the language Non-user
0 Didn’t attempt the test and answer the questions Did not attempt the test

The IELTS scores for Canada are calculated based on below four subcategories:-

  • Listening

This section aims to understand the ideas and supporting details, including conversation, monologues, and comprehension.

  • Reading

This section is designed to test the reading skills of individuals. This includes skimming, scanning, comprehension reading, and understanding the writer’s opinion and attitude.

  • Writing

The writing section is composed of two parts: IELTS academic and general training, which is conducted to check your writing skills that improve your grammar and structure of the sentence, meaningful words, presentation and articulate your viewpoints, summarizing a large amount of information, and so on.

  • Speaking

It is a face-to-face conversation that consists of three sub-sections. It is a dialogue between the examiner and the applicant in which four critical speaking skills will be evaluated in the IELTS that includes fluency, and co-ehernece depth of vocabulary, grammatical range, and pronunciation for your career and educational journey.


Understanding Canada’s IELTS Band requirements is necessary for anyone who is planning to study, work, or immigrate to another country. To have in-depth guidance on IELTS, connect with the best immigration consultant who has a professional coach for IELTS classes and can assist you in enhancing your score.

However, achieving your desired band score requires dedication, practice, and perseverance. To pursue your goals in Canada, connect with Sernexuss Immigration, the one and only best immigration consultancy for you and your aspirations.


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