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PNP Program

PNP (Provincial Nominee Programs) of Canada offers candidates a pathway to immigrate to Canada or become Canadian permanent residents. Every Province and territory of Canada runs its provincial nominee program to meet its economic and demographic requirements.

What are Provincial Nominee Programs?

Asunder from Quebec and Nunavut, every Province of Canada operates various PNP streams. Every Province has different eligibility criteria and requirements based on its market needs.

The PNP program of Canada is one of the fastest pathways to immigrate to Canada and achieve Canadian permanent residence. So, the Provincial Nominee Program of Canada is a better option for someone planning to immigrate to Canada.

Provinces and Territories

Every Province and Territory of Canada runs its Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) apart from Quebec and Nunavut. These PNPs designed to meet the economic and demographic needs of provinces. The eligibility criteria, application process, and requirements of each PNPs vary from Province to Province. 

Every candidate should consult each Province and its eligibility criteria before applying for the program.

Provinces of Canada:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon

How to apply for a Provincial Nominee Program?

The process to apply for a Canadian Provincial Nominee Program is as follows:

  • Find a suitable PNP: A candidate should check the list of all the Canadian provinces and territories and should select an appropriate province to immigrate to Canada. Individuals should check the requirements and other factors of the Province to check their eligibility for the program.
  • Apply to the Province: After selecting the Province of your choice, the candidate should directly apply to the Province they chose. 
  • Provincial Nomination Certificate: If the candidate's application gets selected by the Province, they will receive a nomination to apply for permanent residence.
  • Application for permanent residence: In the last step, the candidate should apply to the Federal Government of Canada for Canadian permanent residence. If the PNP the candidate has chosen is with Express Entry alignment, the candidate can complete the application process online. If not, then the candidate must submit a paper-based application.

How to apply through the base PNPs?

Some PNPs do not require alignment with Express Entry to apply; these programs are base PNPs. The nomination process of each Province varies from program to program, but the general process is mostly the same:

  • Apply for nomination
  • If a candidate gets nominated by the Province, they should apply for Canadian permanent residence directly through Permanent Residence Portal.

Once a candidate gets nominated by the Province or territory, they can submit their application for Canadian permanent residence to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada via IRCC's online Permanent Residence Portal.

How to apply through the Express Entry Program?

  • Create an Express Entry account and submit the express entry profile
  • Apply for an Express Entry aligned PNP program
  • Get nominated from an Express Entry stream.
  • Receive 600 additional points after confirming Express Entry on your profile.
  • Wait to receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence.
  • Apply for Canadian permanent residence through Express Entry Program.

All PNP programs vary; their application process differs, and getting a nomination through the Express Entry system depends from program to program.

How many PNPs are there in Canada?

Every Province and Territory of Canada runs its own PNP program except Quebec and Nunavut, with various streams. And there are more than 80 provincial Nominee Programs.

Express Entry Provincial Nominee Programs

In the year 2015, Canada introduced the Express Entry System to manage the applications of the candidates for Canadian permanent residence through some significant economic immigration programs. Since then, many Canadian Provinces have evolved enhanced PNP streams aligned with the Express Entry System.

Many PNPs require a candidate to have an Express Entry Profile to meet their eligibility.

What is the most accessible Province to immigrate to Canada?

The skills and work experience of the candidates play a vital role in the immigration process through PNP programs as each Province has their specific market and labour needs, and they select the candidates based on that only.

So, work experience in an in-demand profession in Canada with solid language skills and educational qualifications can help you get a nomination from the Province.

Am I eligible for a Canadian PNP?

The eligibility criteria of each Province vary from program to program. Still, if a candidate has connections in Canada or required work experience and language proficiency as in demand in Canadian Province, they can be eligible for a PNP program. 

PNP programs are a part of the economic immigration strategy, so many programs require candidates to have work experience in some skilled profession, strong language abilities, educational qualifications, etc.

What is the requirement for Canada PNPs?

Each Province has some basic requirements for an applicant, like academic qualifications, language proficiency, work experience, age, etc.

Every Province has set different requirements and eligibility criteria based on its labour market needs. The candidate must also prove that they will contribute to the development of economic growth and have a will to live in Province.

What is the processing time for a PNP program?

Processing time for a PNP application differs from program to program, but it usually takes a few months to process an application.

It is a two-step process to apply for a Canadian permanent residence through a PNP program.

First, the candidate should apply directly to the Province of their choice, and once they receive the approval, they must apply to the Federal Government of Canada. 

The processing time depends on whether the candidate applied through the base or enhanced PNP.

Can I be eligible for a PNP program if I do not qualify for Express Entry Program?

Many PNPs programs need candidates to have a profile in the Express Entry Pool. However, it is not compulsory in all PNP programs to be eligible for the Express Entry profile. These programs have different eligibility criteria and requirements, so it is advisable to take guidance from someone experienced in the immigration field.