Canada PR Benefits

Canada PR benefits, many people wonder what type of benefits they can receive if they immigrate to Canada. So, the answer is they can receive multiple benefits and live their desired lifestyle if they immigrate to Canada

Canada is also called an employment hub because of the multiple job opportunities present there, and the flexible working hours with high-paid income. Canada has one of the best education systems, a universal healthcare system, and immigrant-friendly immigration policies.

Canada and its federal government always keep working to update the immigration policies, so that more immigrants can come to Canada and help in economic development. Canada welcomes a huge amount of immigrants because it has a growing age population causing skilled worker shortages in their labor market.

Benefits of PR in Canada

Here is the list of benefits a Canada PR holder receives:

  • World-class Healthcare system

Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and is a Canadian permanent resident you get free access to world-class healthcare facilities. Medical care is offered for free to all Canadian permanent residents. A permanent resident can also apply for Canadian public health insurance.

  • Access to an excellent education system for children

Canada is one of the best countries in the world in terms of its excellent educational system and world-class universities. All the permanent residents or their children can enjoy free education up to 12th grade (until 18 years of age). Canada PR holder also has other benefits in terms of education like they have to pay a lesser fee for their higher education as compared to foreign students.

  • Social Security Benefits

After receiving the COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Residency), the candidate receives a SIN (Social Insurance Number) number. The SIN number is a nine-digit number that is used by government agencies to find you. It is also required to pay taxes or to get access to government programs and benefits such as EI (Employment Insurance) and the CPP (Canada Pension Plan) Canadian citizens, Permanent residents, and temporary residents, whose age is 12 years or above can apply for their own SIN.

  • Right to work anywhere in Canada

Canada is one of the fastest developing countries, with multiple job opportunities and a high-paid income. Canada is an employment hub, it offers, high income, flexible working hours, the dignity of labor, cultural hospitability, and scope of economic growth, etc.

Although Canada is an employment hub it has a massive shortage of labor in its labor market because of the growing age population and less skilled workers. After achieving a Canada PR, candidates can immigrate anywhere in Canada without any restrictions.

  • Family Sponsorship

A Canadian permanent resident holder can sponsor their family to come to Canada. A candidate can sponsor their spouse/common-law partner, parents, grandparents, and dependent children. 

  • Right to live or travel anywhere in Canada

Section 6 of the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms precisely structures mobility rights. The Canada PR holders have the freedom to travel in and outside Canada multiple times. It also provides candidates the liberty to relocate and settle in any province of their choice. The candidate can search for new jobs, new opportunities, and other sources of income across the country.

  • High-class living standards

Canada is a beautiful country with a rapidly growing economy, cultural diversity, and geographically attractive landscapes. Canada is one of the best countries in terms of safety and security, a place you can call home and the immigrants with permanent residence status enjoy all the liberties and rights to be protected by the Canadian government and authorities under the Canadian Charter 6. High income, a globally recognized education system, top-notch universities, flexible working hours, multiple job opportunities, a universal healthcare system, and a modern lifestyle are all part of the high-class living standards that one can enjoy after achieving Canadian permanent residence status.

  • Canadian Citizenship

A candidate gets the right to live 5 years in Canada after acquiring a Canada permanent residence visa but this PR visa is renewable. After living in Canada as a permanent resident for a required period (three years), a candidate becomes eligible for Canadian citizenship.

  • Right to start a business in Canada

Another PR benefit in Canada is that a candidate can start a new business in Canada. The candidate has legal rights to start their own enterprise following Canadian immigration. Under the Canada PR benefits, a candidate can invest in a franchise or begin a new business with sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation without being a Canadian citizen.

Canada PR Pathways

There are multiple pathways to obtain a Canada PR visa, but the most renowned of all the programs is the Express Entry Program. The Express Entry Program is the fastest immigration pathway to immigrate to Canada. It is one of the best options for eligible candidates who wish to immigrate to Canada in just 6 to 8 months. Express Entry operates three streams under it and they are as follows:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

  • Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program or PNP is the second fastest immigration program for skilled workers after the Express Entry Program who can contribute to economic growth.

  • Family Class Immigration

A candidate with permanent residence status can sponsor their family members to immigrate to Canada through the Family Class Immigration Program.

Candidates can sponsor their:

  • Common-law partner
  • Spouse
  • Conjugal partner
  • Dependent children
  •  Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Brother/Sister*
  • Nephew/Niece*
  • Grandson/Granddaughter*

Business Immigration

Canada is a great place for candidates like business investors, owners, and entrepreneurs. They can immigrate to Canada through the Business immigration program. 

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