7 Benefits of hiring a consultant for your Canada PR Visa Process

7 benefits of hiring a consultant for your Canada PR visa process, No, there are not just 7 benefits of hiring a consultant but let’s look at the 7 most important benefits.

To quote as Hellen Keller said, “Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much”. This goes very well with Canadian immigration as, although the process is very easy it is also equally complex too. Alone it is very hard for a candidate to manage the process themselves, as there are many complex stages, which they cannot handle. At times like these, they probably need immigration experts, who can help them to surpass these stages.

Reasons why you should hire the best immigration consultant

  1. Guidance in Visa selection

Canada offers over 80 immigration programs through which a candidate can immigrate to Canada and achieve Canada PR. But every visa category is different and it demands different eligibility and requirements. The candidate might be eligible for more than one program at the same time and it can be difficult for them to make the best decision. At times like these, they need an immigration expert, who can advise the can about the best program choice on the basis of their profile and also can tell about the demand for the program in the country.

2. Understanding & Resolving Complex Issues

Before starting the process, it is necessary for the candidates to check if they are eligible for the visa they are applying for. After the eligibility check, the next step is ECA (Educational Credential Assessment). Many candidates get stuck in this stage because of the required documents. In this, the candidate needs to submit their educational certificates to prove that their educational standard is equal to or surpasses the Canadian educational standard.

Although this stage is not that complicated, many candidates may find it hard, so at times like these, a PR consultant can handle this on behalf of the client, saving time for them.

3. Well-prepared & Well- presented applications

One mistake in the application or an incomplete application can lead to the rejection of the application; the same goes for invalid documents, as it can also lead to a long processing time or rejection of the application. The candidate needs to provide a complete and well-prepared application that can be appraised by the Canadian immigration authority and employers seeking skilled candidates in the Express Entry Pool. 

Hiring a consultant for your Canada PR visa process is a good option as they will help you to prepare a complete application while also managing your documentation work, and increasing your chance to achieve the Canada visa.

4. Verified documents & Processes

Do you know that one invalid or wrong document can break your Canadian immigration dream?

Candidates should always provide valid documents to the authority, submitting invalid documents can make you a fraud in the eyes of Canadian authorities. 

An expert immigration consultant can help you by handling the documentation process for you.

5. Up-to-date about laws & efficient follow-ups

Immigration is a field where continuous changes are made, many laws get updated on a daily basis. Also after the submission of the application, there can be a requirement for two-way communication between the candidate and the immigration authorities. The visa consultant can act as a representative for the candidate’s application as they will ensure that the communication is done professionally.

6. Suggest alternative options (When required) 

The Visa process is a complex task, and not everyone is lucky to achieve their dream. Sometimes even after meeting all the eligibility criteria and other requirements, you may not receive your visa successfully. At times like these, an experienced immigration consultant can provide you with other options that can help you to immigrate to Canada successfully and achieve a Canada PR visa Process.

7. Every detail gets scrutinized

Updating details regularly is a compulsory task that many applicants forget to follow, it is an important step in the visa process to update the details as your situation changes like if you got married, change your job, or were blessed with another kid. The candidates have to mention and update these details in the application. So if a candidate hires an immigration consultant, they can update their details for candidates on their behalf of them.

How much does a Canadian immigration consultant charges?

Every Canadian immigration consultant charges differently based on the services they offer to their clients:

Canada PR processing fee:

  • Primary Candidate Fee: 850 CAD (51,596 INR approx.)
  • Secondary Candidate Fee: 850 CAD (51,596 INR approx.)
  • Child Fee (under 22 years of age): 230 CAD (13,961 INR approx.)
  • Medical Fee & Police Verification: 5000 – 8000 INR approximately
  • Right to Permanent Resident Fee (each applicant): 515 CAD (31,261 INR approx.)
  • Provincial Nomination Fee: Varies by province

The candidates also have to bear some other additional fee expenses for Canada PR requirements.

These include:

  • IELTS Examination Fee: 15,550 INR (subject to change)
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA): 250-500 CAD (15,175-30,350 INR approx.)

Is hiring a consultant compulsory for Canada Immigration?

It is not compulsory to hire an immigration consultant but it is a recommendation to hire them as handling the Canada visa process is a tough job and you may not get a successful result and may end up wasting your time and money. So to avoid the risk of failure, it is always recommendable to the candidates hire consultants, as immigration consultants will be experienced, and experts in the field of Canada PR visa process, so they can help you throughout the process.

Why choose Sernexuss, the best immigration consultant for your Canada PR applications?

Sernexuss is not just the best immigration consultant but also a legal immigration firm registered with RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants). Serenxuss has a success ratio of 99% with over 16 years of experience. We understand that the immigration and visa process is forms, applications, and documents, and not everyone can handle it efficiently. With the help of experienced immigration experts of Sernexuss, you will achieve a successful result in a short time of 7 to months. 

Sernexuss can help you with application filling, submission, documentation, regular updates, and all other required services for IELTS or interview process, post-landing services, or settlement plan, Sernexuss is always there 24*7 for their clients.

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