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Top 5 Canada Visa Types

The Top 5 Canada visa types that can make your Canada immigration journey easier. Millions of people wish to travel, study, work, or live in Canada but don’t know which pathway to use for immigrating. There are multiple types of visas through which candidates can immigrate to Canada based on their travel purpose. 

The candidate should know about the types of visas that would be best for them as it will save time.

What is a Canadian Visa?

A Canadian visa allows a candidate to travel to Canada; it is a stamp on the candidate’s passport. It works as proof that the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in the candidate’s country has considered the candidate eligible and they have met all the requirements to enter Canada.

Top 5 Canada Visa Types

Here is the list of the top 5 Canada visa types; the candidate needs to know the type of visa they require as per their status and purpose of visit. The candidate must choose the visa that meets the aim of traveling to the country.

  • The Canadian Visitor Visa

The Canadian Visitor Visa is also called a temporary resident visa. The candidate can apply for this visa online or through paper applications at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate. The candidate would need a visitor visa even if they change a flight through the Canadian airport for their final destination.

Candidates can stay in Canada for over six months with a visitor visa. Temporary visas can be single-entry or multiple-entry visas.

A single entry visa allows a candidate to enter the country once, and they do not get a permit to come back after exiting the country.

A multiple-entry visa allows a candidate multiple entries and exits in the country till the validity of the visa.

Here is the list of some of the Canadian Temporary Visas.

Canadian Visitor Visa Types

Type of Temporary Visas Features
Canadian Tourist Visa The visitor visa permits the candidate to enter the country for tourism purposes.

Canada Super Visa
This visa allows the parents or grandparents of Canadian permanent residents or Canadian citizens to visit their children or grandchildren.            
Diplomatic & Official Visa This visa permits diplomats and officials of foreign countries to visit Canada for official duties.

Courtesy Visa
This visa gets allotted to individuals who are not eligible for Diplomatic & official visas. But their visit is a significant matter due to their position. It basically includes members of trade missions or diplomats with the intention of tourism.              
Canada Business Visa This visa is for those individuals who wish to visit Canada for business purposes.              

Give Birth in Canada Visa
This visa allows pregnant women who wish to give birth to their child in Canada. However, they should fulfill all the requirements to be eligible for the visa. The child automatically becomes a Canadian citizen born in Canada.

Organ Donors Visa
Individuals visiting Canada to donate an organ to a permanent resident or Canadian citizen can apply for this visa.

Canada Felicitation Visa
These visas are for Canadian citizens with dual nationalities. It is for citizens who do not have a Canadian passport.  

Temporary Work Visa
This visa allows candidates with a valid job offer for less than six months to travel. However, the candidate has to provide a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.

Temporary Residence Permit
It gets provided to candidates traveling to Canada for different purposes and who do not qualify for the TRV (Temporary Resident Visa).

Working Holiday Visa
It allows young candidates from 30 countries to visit Canada for work purposes. However, the candidates need to submit the visa application and wait for the selection for the visa.
Canada Transit Visa As per Canadian immigration rules, all overseas candidates from visa-needed countries must acquire a transit visa if their flight stops at any Canadian airport on its way to the final destination. And the candidate needs to transit through Canada in 48 hours or less if they do not have a visa.

  • Permanent Residence Visas

The Canadian Permanent Residence Visas allow a candidate to live, work, and settle in the country. It is also called an Immigrant visa and is of different types.

Permanent Residence Visas Types

Types of Permanent Residence Visas Features
  Immigrant Investor Program This program is for individuals who wish to invest in the Canadian economy. However, the candidate should have a net worth of a minimum of CAD 800,000. The candidate must invest a minimum of 400,000 CAD, and the Canadian government would return it without any interest in 5 years time.
  Startup Visa Program The Startup visa is for candidates who wish to start and contribute to the Canadian economy. The candidates should have at least 300,000 CAD. The candidate must also own and manage one-third of the Canadian business.
  Self-Employed Persons Visa This visa is for candidates with farming, culture, athletics, or business skills. They can establish their venture in Canada. However, they should exhibit their skills in specific areas and explain how they will finance the business.
  Family Sponsorship Program It is a prime program targeting family reunification. It permits the spouses and dependents of Canadian permanent residents or citizens to immigrate to Canada permanently. However, sponsors have to promise to financially support the family members for over three to ten years.
  Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP) It is for candidates who get elected to take care of children, disabled people, or the elderly. However, they have to live in private homes in Canada.

  • Express Entry Program Visas

There are three types of Express Entry streams supporting the Canadian economy.

Express Entry Program Visas

Types of Express Entry PR Visas Features
  Canadian Skilled Worker Visa Skilled worker applicants in this category must score at least 67 CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points to qualify. They must also prove that they have enough funds to support themselves and their family members. Successful skilled worker candidates under this category will be eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residency. It will allow the skilled worker visa holder and family members to permanently live and work anywhere in Canada.
  Canadian Skilled Trades Visa International skilled tradesmen are eligible to apply for permanent residency under this category. All applicants are ranked in order of their CRS points score. Only the highest-scoring applicants are invited to apply for permanent residency through draws as required.
  Canadian Experience Class Visa Permanent residency applicants under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) are eligible to apply if they are currently in Canada on a temporary foreign worker visa or study permit. They should, however, meet the following criteria to qualify. At least 12 months of work experience in Canada within the last three years. Meet the minimum English or French language requirements. Agree to live outside Quebec.

  • Provincial Nominee Program Visas

Every Canadian province and territory has made an agreement with the Canadian government to nominate immigrants willing to immigrate to Canada and settle in the province. The candidate has to apply directly to the province of their choice and acquire a provincial nomination. Furthermore, every province has its own eligibility requirements.

  • Canada Student Visa

The Canada Student visa is a legal document that allows overseas students to study in Designated Learning Institutions (DLI). Students from India can acquire a study visa to study in Canada. A student needs a study visa only if they wish to pursue a course exceeding more than six months, and if they enroll in less than six months course, they will require a TRV.

Eligibility Criteria for a Canadian Visa

A candidate has to meet all the eligibility criteria to be eligible for a Canadian visa.

  • Valid Passport
  • Good health
  • No past criminal history
  • Proof of Funds
  • Letter of invitation from someone residing in Canada
  • Educational Qualifications

Documents Required for Canadian Visa

Here is the list of required documents needed for a Canadian visa:

  • Valid Passport
  • Canada Visa Application form
  • Police Clearance Certificates
  • Educational Credential Assessment Report
  • Language test report
  • Identity and Civil Documents
  • Medical Report

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