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Immigration Consultants in Delhi

Immigration consultants in Delhi- There are countless immigration consultants in Delhi, making people confused about selecting a reliable and legal immigration firm for their immigration process. 

It is obvious that people get confused because there are so many immigration consultants making fake promises and trapping most individuals to selecting their counterfeit consultants.

The immigration process is a difficult task, and not every individual can handle it independently, so they opt to go for an experienced immigration consultant.

The immigration process of each country is different and has different eligibility criteria and requirements. The process of Canadian PR and Australian PR is different.

So if a candidate is looking to immigrate to Canada, there are some essential points they need to remember before choosing immigration consultants in Delhi. 

Canada PR is the fastest way for someone planning to immigrate and settle in Canada for a lavish life and bright future.

Things to keep in mind before selecting an immigration consultant:

The Physical Presence of Consultancy

Before selecting any immigration consultants, an individual should always visit the consultant’s office to verify if they have an established office because every genuine and lawful immigration firm will have an office address to meet their clients.

Services offered by immigration consultants

Every genuine and honest immigration consultant offers some essential services to their clients, so before making a final decision, an individual should visit 2 to 4 immigration firms to compare their services and then, at last, select the best one.

The list of services that the immigration consultants should offer is as follows:

  • Case study/ analysis
  •  Technical Evaluation
  •  Documentation assistance
  •  Visa application filing
  •  Post-landing services
  • Settlement plan

Payment system

The payment system of every Genuine immigration consultant should be translucent, and the charges should be informed at the beginning of the process so that they can compare with other consultancy charges.

What can an individual ask about their immigration process from their immigration consultants to select the right consultancy?

Q1. How can I apply for Canada PR Visa?

Ans. At the beginning of the process, the candidate can ask the immigration consultants what the process of immigration is, how to immigrate to Canada, or how I can apply for the Canada PR Visa so that they can understand the process and interact with the consultants.

Q2. What is the eligibility for PR in Canada?

Ans. There are essential eligibility criteria to check a candidate’s eligibility for PR in Canada, like education, language ability, work experience, adaptability, arranged employment, etc.

Q3. How to prepare for IELTS at home?

Ans. The International English Language Testing System is to check the candidate’s language proficiency as Canada has two official languages, French & English, and the candidate must be proficient in one. So there are many genuine immigration consultants who provide complimentary IELTS classes to prepare their clients for the test. One of the best immigration firm in Delhi, Sernexuss, also give IELTS coaching to their clients to make them clear the language test.

Q4. How to get a job in Canada from India?

Ans. The candidate can ask their immigration consultant how to get a job in Canada from India, as it is an essential question. Every genuine consultancy provides job assistance to their clients right at the beginning of their immigration process.

Q5. What is the processing time for Canada PR?

Ans. The processing time for Canada PR depends on crucial factors like the application type, verified documents, etc. So, a legal immigration consultant knows these factors and will avoid these discrepancies and tell you about this at the start of the process.

Q6. Can I immigrate to Canada with my spouse?

Ans. Can I immigrate to Canada with my spouse is an essential question from a married candidate or candidate with a fiance or common-law partner. The answer is yes; they can immigrate to Canada with their spouse. 

Q7. Are you a legal firm or RCIC registered?

Ans. It is vital for candidates always to select a legal immigration firm. RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) is an official immigration representative who evaluates the candidate’s visa application. So a candidate should always select an RCIC registered immigration firm for a positive result.


There are various immigration consultants in Delhi, so an individual should not get confused and should select the right consultancy based on the following factors- RCIC registered, experience in the immigration field, positive results, etc. The candidate should always visit 2 to 4 consultancies and compare their services before selecting a particular immigration consultant.

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