Immigrate Canada from India

Immigration is investment in money as well as time. Do you also have a dream to migrate to Canada? Get a chance to migrate to Canada, all you need is Sernexuss to help you. As we know, Canada is the most popular destination for the immigrants all-over the world.

How to Immigrate Canada from India?

Canada PR visa is the best way to reside in Canada .The immigrant -friendly policies and guidelines of the Canadian government motivate people to immigrate Canada from India as permanent resident. There is a myth that getting a permanent resident visa is quite difficult process, you just need a proper guidance from immigration experts to get your visa done without facing any barriers.

Benefits of Canada PR

  • Canada PR visa has validity of 5 years
  • protection under Canadian law
  • standard of living
  • Free public health care and education.

Your rights and freedom in Canada

  • Right to live anywhere
  • Right to practice religion
  • Right to education
  • Right to equality
  • Freedom to express
  • Freedom to associate
  • Right to have protection under the law

Who we are?

Sernexuss is one of the leading platforms in the field of immigration that provide customized services through our specialized experts; we are dedicated to meet the needs of our clients by ensuring customer to spend their money in right place and right time. Sernexuss is one of the top immigration consultants in India, with over 16 years of combined experience in helping clients to immigrate and achieve visas from India Sernexuss is an awardee for best immigration and study consultancy  as well as won Global Business Award for best education and immigration consultancy in India.

Step by step guidance that Sernexuss provides you

  1. Check your eligibility for the Canada PR visa express entry process
  2. Complete your educational credential assessment
  3. Prepare for IELTS
  4. Find your NOC
  5. Create a profile in the express entry pool
  6. Calculate your CRS score
  7. Get your invitation to apply
  8. Submit your documents

How can Sernexuss help you to move to Canada from India?

 You know you are on the road to success when Sernexuss is helping you because we provide accurate information to our clients and the optimal method of application. Our main mission is to support our clients in achieving their immigration-related goals.

Aspiring immigrants who want to immigrate to foreign countries can benefit from our special immigration services and citizenship services provided by our knowledgeable immigration consultants and attorneys as we provide you with the services that make your immigration simpler and straight forward.

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