Prevention of Fraud

IRCC has designated March as a fraud prevention month. About 700 Indian students received deportation notifications from the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) for allegedly delivering false offer letters. According to the information that is now available, the issue was discovered when the students, the majority of whom had migrated to Canada in 2018, sought their permanent residency.

Immigration fraud can have a devastating impact on your immigration career; to protect yourself, you need the proper guidance of a trustworthy immigration consultant to secure your future and achieve your desires.

There Are Various Kinds of Frauds You Can Face:

  1. Fake Claims of RCIC Agents on the Website: A Canadian-based RCIC agent will act as an authoritative representative. So be aware that by checking the official website, the name of an immigration consultant should be mentioned on the ICCRC website.
  2. Fake Government Officials: In the name of a government official, some people may scare the applicants for insufficient documents and unpaid fees. If you fall into this trap, you must confirm with the immigration call center to verify that this news is genuine or not.
  3. Internet Scams: Now a days, it is not a difficult task to make a fake website in a professional way. Always do thorough research and then trust; otherwise, you may easily fall into this trap.
  4. Fake Immigration Emails: You may receive emails asking for your personal information for your immigration. Stay alert because the Canadian government would never ask you for your personal information or bank details.
  5. Marriage Fraud: when immigrants marry US citizens or holders of green cards in order to get a marriage-based visa, this is referred to as marriage fraud. According to law, it is a crime for a foreign national to marry a Canadian citizen in order to become a Canadian permanent resident. Any offense can result in jail time, a fine, or deportation.
  6. Documentation Fraud: submitting fake documents to immigration offices like fake passports, documents, and birth certificates is also considered fraud.

How Can I Prevent These Frauds?

The best way to protect yourselves from these frauds is to be aware and prepared enough.

  • See the status of registration with your immigration consultant. Check to see if they are an “active” Registered Canadian Immigration Counsellor (RCIC) or a Regulated International Student Immigration Advisor (RISIA). Your immigration consultant is not currently authorized to practice if their status is “revoked” or “suspended.”
  • Request references from your immigration consultant.
  • Review the immigration consultant’s testimonials.
  • Compare the fees charged by various immigration consultants.
  • Make direct contact with the immigration specialist handling your application.
  • If you have inquiries regarding a career or study program, get in touch with any possible employers or institutions.

Your Rights and Freedom in Canada

  • Right to live anywhere
  • Right to practice religion
  • Right to education
  • Right to equality
  • Freedom to express
  • Freedom to associate
  • Right to have protection under the law

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