3 Easy Steps to Get a job in Canada from India

3 easy steps to get a job in Canada from India can be followed by a candidate who wishes to immigrate to Canada to live their desired high-quality lifestyle. Canada is an attractive destination for job seekers from all over the world. Canada is an employment hub with multiple job opportunities and high-paid income.

What are the required documents to apply for a job in Canada?

Here is the list of required documents to apply and get a job in Canada from India:

  • Professional Resume
  • Cover letter supporting your job application
  • Documents of previous employment
  • Pay slips for salary verification
  • Identity proof
  • Passport
  • Visa/ Work Permit

How to get a job in Canada from India easily?

Here are three easy steps through which a candidate can get a job in Canada from India easily:

  • Create an attractive and professional CV

Writing a resume may sound like an easy task for many people but it needs a lot of experience and expertise to create a CV that can impress employers especially employers in Canada.

Canadian Companies receive uncountable job applications every month, because of being the biggest employment hub and a high-paid income. Hence, a human cannot filter all these applications and the companies allot this task to a tool known as an Application Tracking System.

The Application Tracking System goes through all the CVs and will select applications based on the keywords, resume formats, alignment, profiles with pictures, etc.

The first and foremost step to getting a job in Canada from India is to reach HR. Build your CV with the guidance of immigration experts to get a positive result.

  • Choose the right sources to apply for the jobs

2022 is a year of complete digitization and a modern world, and with the digital world, the methods to apply for a job have also changed. The candidate must choose the multi-channel approach to get the attention of the employers.

  • Apply for a Canada PR visa

A candidate with a Canada PR visa has more chances to get a job in Canada than one who doesn’t have a PR visa. As employers focus on the candidates who have the right to work in Canada, and who can start working right away without the employer sponsoring them.

How can Sernexuss help you?

Sernexuss is a top immigration & Visa Consultant firm with an aim to provide the best immigration, study, and job assistance to its clients. Our experienced experts give the required job assistance to clients who might face challenges in achieving a job in Canada.

  • Professional and Attractive Resume: A resume that can attract Canadian employers.

Our experts guide the clients about the resume pattern followed by Canada and help them to create a professional and impressive resume.

  • Smart-tracking: Many resumes get stuck in between and do not reach the employer’s inbox. To deal with this, Sernexuss uses a modern system so that the resume of the candidate can reach the inbox of the recruiter.

  • Marketing of the CV: Sernexuss markets the CV of the clients so that the candidate and the companies can meet their requirements. The companies can hire a candidate based on the skills required for the position.

  • Interview Preparation: The candidate gets interview preparation assistance from the top, professional, and experienced candidates on how to prepare and win a job interview.

How long can it take to get a job in Canada from India?

Most skilled candidates can get a job in just 16 months or even less than that. The candidate must have an impressive resume and the required skills to get a job fastly in Canada.

Approximate Salary for various occupations in Canada

Designation Minimum Salary Avg. Salary Max Salary
Software Engineer 52 k 73 k 100 k
Computer Support Specialist   34 k 56 k 71 k
Database Administrator 42 k 67 k 93 k
Business Analyst 50 k 65 k 95K
Network Engineer 49k 73k 104k
IT Professional 43k 63k 96k
Data Entry Operator 10.03 13.76 18.37
Computer Programmer 40k 62 k 98 k
Network Administrator   41k 59k 81k
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)   89k 159k 240k
Chief Information Officer (CIO)   94k 158k   248k
Application Developer 49k 69k 100k
IT Manager   53k   88k 132k
Design Architect   42k   60k 102k
DevOps Engineer   64k 93k 134k
Help Desk Technician   12.18   16.74 23.13
Sales Associate   8.15 10.30 14.66
Sales Engineer   50k 73k 113k
Account Executive   36k 53k 89k
Inside Sales Representative   31 k 44 k 61 k
Sales Manager 39 k 60 k 112 k
Retail Store Manager 32 k 48 k 71 k
Real Estate Broker 25 k 54 k 114 k
Sales Engineer 50 k 73 k 113 k
Market Development Manager 47 k 77 k 122 k
Outside Sales Manager 36 k 55 k 92 k
Area Sales Manager 40 k 66 k 107 k
Account Manager 37 k 54 k 83 k
Cashier 7.71 9.63 12.43
Construction Worker 10.29 15.31 24.91

Why Canada is a top destination for Indians to work?

The reason Canada is a top destination for Indians and people from all over the world is because of its cultural diversity, high-quality standard of living, high-paid jobs, etc.

Here is the list of reasons that explain why Canada is a top destination for Indians to work:

  • Multicultural: Canada is a multicultural country and there is no discrimination on the basis of caste or religion.
  • Advantageous for everyone: Every individual who immigrates there gets social and safety benefits.
  • High-paid income: Canada is a great destination for someone looking for high-paid jobs in the service sector.
  • Tech-Savvy: Canada is a rapidly growing country in terms of technology and tech jobs.
  • Paid Benefits: Paid benefits in North America.

How can we find a job in Canada in less time?

It is never an easy task to find a job in Canada in less time without proper knowledge about the Canadian job market and actual planning.

Here is the list of things that a candidate should do to get a job in Canada:

Active job planning:

A candidate cannot simply find a job by just posting their profiles on Canadian portals. The candidate should consistently research all the available jobs and apply for them.    

Sernexuss understands that a candidate may have a busy schedule due to work and life, so we advise the candidates to try hiring a job search expert for themselves.

Apply for the Canada Permanent Resident Visa:

For a candidate who believes that a Canadian work permit is a great option for finding a Canadian job, we suggest that it is not a great idea.

As the preference given by Canadian employers is to the candidates with a Permanent resident visa over the work visa holders. The reason for it is as follows:

  • A candidate with a permanent resident visa has a legal right to work and live anywhere in the country for a long period.
  • It assures the employers that the candidate will be a beneficial employee for them based on their skills.
  • One of the biggest reasons that a PR candidate gets more opportunities is that the employer does not need to endure any LMIA expenses for the PR visa holders.

Why Canadian permanent residency is a better option to get a job in Canada in 2022?

A candidate with a permanent residency is always considered a better option than a candidate with a work permit because of the status granted by the PR visa.

The candidate who wishes to apply for the Canada PR visa does not require a job offer. Once the candidate achieves the Canada PR visa, they gain the following benefits:

  • Work, live, and study anywhere in Canada
  • Work for any Canadian company
  • Candidates can switch between jobs or companies if required.
  • The spouse of the candidate can work in Canada with any additional permit.
  • The candidate receives the right to apply for any jobs that are available for Canadians.
  • Right to apply for Canadian citizenship after 3 years.

What is the occupational requirement to apply for the Express Entry?

The Express Entry stream is one of the most renowned immigration program in Canada. The candidates receive visa through Express Entry based on their skills, experience, and points.

However, the occupation of the candidate must be listed under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) of Canada.

The National Occupational Classification is a list of jobs that are highly demanded in Canada and has an issue of labor shortage.

Some of Canada’s top jobs from the NOC list are as follows:

 Sales Associates

Sales associates come to the top when talking about the highly demanded occupations in Canada in 2022.

As with the rowing business sector, there is a huge requirement for salespeople to reach customers. B2B and B2C salespersons are in huge demand.

The candidates can check their occupation enlisted in the NOC under the respective codes:

Financial Sales Representative – 6235

  • Sales associate – personal banking
  • Retail Salespersons – 6421
  • Retail sales associate
  • Sales associate
  • Sales associate – retail

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant has great demand in Canada in 2022, as they handle everything perfectly, especially the traditional clerks who can manage tasks like accounting and bookkeeping.

The candidate can apply under the following NOC codes

  • Administrative Assistants – 1241
  • Legal Administrative Assistants – 1242
  • Medical Administrative Assistants – 1243


The developer plays an important role in the rapidly growing tech sectors of Canada. As in the current scenario, every business needs digitization, so software development has become more necessary.

Here is the list of NOC codes candidates can apply under:

Computer programmers and interactive media developers – 2174

  • Cloud Developer
  • Computer Developer
  • Electronic Business (e-business) Software Developer
  • Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) Software Developer
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) Developer
  • Interactive Media Developer
  • Mobile Applications Developer
  • Multimedia Developer
  • Personal Computer (PC) Application Developer
  • Software Developer

Web Designers and Developers – 2175

  • Electronic business (e-business) Website Developer
  • Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) Website Developer
  • Internet Site Developer
  • Intranet Site Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Website Developer

How can Express Entry stream of Canada help job seekers?

The Express Entry stream of Canada is not just a renowned immigration program through which visa process becomes easier and faster but it also helps the candidate to connect and achieve employment opportunities.

It includes three features and they are as follows:

Job Bank Registration: Once a candidate creates their Express Entry profile, they also earn an option to create a profile with Job bank.

It is an online system that helps Canadian employers to find skilled candidates based on their requirements.

Employer Sponsorship: A Canadian employer can sponsor candidates while their visa is still in process. It can be achieved by the medium of valid job offer.

If the profile of the candidate gets shortlisted by the Canadian employer and they offer a valid job offer, the candidate should fill in the employer’s details in their Express Entry profile.

Provincial Nomination: Many Canadian provinces have a shortage of skilled laborers, so through the provincial nomination program with Express Entry they nominate candidates to fulfill the needs of their labor market.

The candidates who have the required skills, get the provincial nomination, and a right to work and live in the province for a 2 years term.

Challenging factors of getting a job in Canada:

Here is the list of challenging factors that can be faced by a candidate while searching for a job in Canada:

  • Unappealing resumes can lead a candidate to failure.
  • In some cases, the resumes of the candidates do not reach the inbox of the recruiter.
  • Multiple job postings and closings every day, which can be missed by a candidate.
  • Most employers nowadays conduct smart interviews and a single mistake can hinder the opportunity to get the job.

What is the earning opportunity of your occupation in Canada?

We can provide an overview of the earning opportunity of a candidate’s occupation in Canada through the type of their industry but to give a detailed answer to this question, we need to scrutinize the candidate’s profile.

As the salary varies from occupation to occupation, so to provide an accurate answer our experts help the candidate with the information of an approximate earning based on their demand, job code, and income.

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