Super Visa of Canada

Are you one of those who live apart from their grandchildren? Do you wish to immigrate to Canada? Have you ever heard of the Super Visa of Canada? If not, are you willing to know about it?

Our immigration experts have all the information related to the super visa. Contact us if you also want to stop by your grandchild in Canada.

What is a Super Visa?

A super visa is a special visa that allows grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to visit Canada multiple times. This visa permits grandparents to stay in Canada for five years without renewal of the visa.

This visa is usually issued with a validity of 10 years, which means your grandparents can leave and re-enter the country as many times as they want.

Eligibility for Canada Super Visa

Here are some crucial factors to check whether you are eligible to apply for a super visa of Canada:

  1. Relationship: You must be the grandparents of a permanent resident of Canada. You should receive an invitation letter from your child that shows their commitment to financially supporting you during your stay in Canada.
  2. Connection proof: prove your relationship with your child, such as a birth certificate.
  3. Financial support: Your child or grandchild must demonstrate income stability to support you economically during your stay.
  4. Medical Insurance: You must provide proof of medical insurance for at least one year from a Canadian insurance company that covers health care, hospitalization, and repatriation.
  5. Medical Examination: It is compulsory to go through a medical exam to ensure your health is in a fit condition to enter Canada.
  6. Intent to Leave Canada: The immigration officers need to ensure that you have ties to return to your home country like property, relations, etc.
  7. Application process: Make sure to complete the application forms and pay the appropriate fees.

How to apply for a Super Visa of Canada?

If you meet all the certain requirements of a visa, Then you can apply for a Canada super visa.

Here are the mandatory steps to be followed when you apply for a super visa of Canada:

  • Get your documents. You must have all the documents required to apply for a visa.
    1. A letter of Invitation from your child or grandchild of a permanent resident stating the financial support you
    2. Proof of Medical Insurance
    3. Evidence of Medical examination
  • Application form– You need to apply online through the Immigration, Refugees, and Canadian Citizenship (IRCC) portal. Attach all the important documents of the visa.
  • Pay the fee– You must complete the application form and pay the fee online.
  • Wait for the process– After submitting the form with the essential documents and fee, You have to wait for the visa office to process your application.
Documents for the super visa

To apply for a super visa of Canada, you need to provide a particular set of documents.

Here is a list of the vital documents for applying for a super visa:

  1. Entry form: You must complete the form for a temporary resident visa (IMM 5257) and the family information (IMM 5645).
  2. Valid passport: Make sure you have a valid passport.
  3. Photographs: Carry two passport-size photos for the visa application.
  4. Relationship proof: You may need to show documents that establish your relationship with your child or grandchild.
  5. Letter of Invitation: Obtain a letter of invitation from your child in Canada. The letter should include their contact information, permanent resident status, family details, commitment to financial support, etc.
  6. Proof of income: Your child or grandchild must have enough money to support you during your stay in Canada, including their tax statement, bank statement, and so on.
  7. Medical coverage– You must get medical insurance from a Canadian Insurance Company that covers your health expenses.


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