Canada Parent Visa

Are you a permanent resident of Canada who wants to sponsor his or her parents or grandparents? Are you willing to learn about the Canada Parent Visa?

If yes, then you have to keep in mind that before applying for a parent visa, you must support their financial expenses, and they don’t require social assistance from the Canadian Government.

You should indicate your interest in bringing your parents or grandparents to Canada. For that, you need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) along with your parent sponsor form.

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Eligibility to Sponsor Your Parent

If you want to sponsor your family, you must meet the eligibility criteria for a parent visa.

Here are the points that need to be met to sponsor your parents to Canada:

  • You have to be more than 18 years old
  • You must be a permanent resident or Citizen of Canada
  • Must have enough money to take care of your parents
  • Submit the medical documents of your parents and Grandparents
  • Provide biometrics of parents

How to apply for a Canadian Parent Visa?

The application is a combination of both the online and physical documentation processes.  Here are the steps that need to be followed by you to apply for a Canada parent visa:

  1. Check the eligibility
    You need to check your parent’s eligibility as well as yours. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) assesses only those family applications whose eligibility criteria are as per standard or meet the criteria.
  2. Show an Interest
    If you meet all the eligibility standards, IRCC requires the submission of the application and your reason of interest.
  3. Invitation to Apply
    If everything goes well, IRCC will send you an invitation to start the process. Once you receive the invitation, you must submit your parents completed application before the deadline.
  4. Pay the fee
    After receiving an Invitation To Apply (ITA), you will get 60 days to apply for a Canada parent visa, with all the required documents. Pay the charges and submit your application.
  5. Processing time
    Now, wait for the application to be processed. IRCC conducts verification of sponsorship and may also interview you.

Canada Parent Visa Sponsorship Agreement

Do you know that if you want to sponsor your parents, you need to sign an agreement? As you are a part of your parents or grandparents’ sponsorship, you must sign an undertaking and sponsorship agreement with them.

This agreement states that you are supporting the basic needs of your sponsored parents for 10 years in Canada. For this, you need to prove that your total income meets the threshold called Minimum Necessary Income (MNI).

Documents checklist for Canadian parent visa

When you apply for any visa, it demands the essential documents to complete the application.

Here is the mandatory list of the documents that are required to apply for a Canada Parent Visa:

  • Sponsorship application
    While filling out the form, you should carry the sponsorship application with you.
  • PR visa
    The Canadian government needs to check your permanent resident visa to see if you are eligible for sponsorship or not.
  • Valid passport
    Your passport should be updated and not close to expiration dates.
  • Sponsorship agreement
    If you sponsored your parents or grandparents, then you must have signed an undertaking sponsorship agreement.
  • Evaluation of MNI
    The immigration officers want to make sure you can support your parent’s expenses until their stay in Canada.


Now, you can easily sponsor your parents or grandparents to Canada. You just need to have in-depth information about sponsoring your elders.

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