10 Things to do before moving to Canada

Canada is a dream destination for many immigrants from all over the world, but before moving to your dreamland, remember some crucial steps and let immigration not become a barrier to achieving your desires.

Best 10 Things before moving to Canada

1. Get your paperwork ready– Prior to moving to Canada, you must gather the necessary documents for Canadian immigration. This consists of a current passport, visa, and, if necessary, a work or study permit. Your reason for moving to Canada will determine the kind of permission you require. Since getting the required documentation can take weeks or even months, you should start the application procedure immediately.

2. Financial plan– Before moving to Canada, you have to prove that you have adequate funds to bear your living as well as tuition expenses. Canada is considered one of the most budget-friendly countries all over the world. Expenses of residing in Canada are comparatively less, and the standard of living is better than in other countries.

3. Explore opportunities-The Canadian government strongly focuses on research and development of the nation; it offers great support to the medical, educational, technical, and agricultural sectors, providing a wide range of opportunities to overseas students. Canada provides its students with multiple opportunities to work 20 hours a week while pursuing their degree and you don’t require any work permits for doing part-time work while studying.

4. Accommodation-One of the most crucial things to do before traveling to Canada is to find a place to reside. To find a property that suits your needs and budget, you can conduct an online search for rental properties or appoint a broker. Considerations including location, accessibility to public transport, and the cost of rent are crucial points to remember.

5. Earn while living– When you work while you study in Canada, you gain valuable work experience, finding part-time work will also enable you to network and make professional connections that may help you look for a full-time position in the future. Students from abroad who are looking for part-time work do not always need to be highly skilled. Many occupations demand you to be dependable, hardworking, and a fast learner.

6. Open your bank account– You have three options for opening a bank account: in person, online, or over the phone. Your identity must be verified by suitable identification for the bank. If there are any alternative options to open an account with the bank, contact them. Financial organizations that exclusively conduct business online could need you to already have an account with them before starting one for you.

7. Consider transportation options-The availability of transportation varies by city and province in Canada. Public transportation options like buses, trains, and subways are widely available in various cities. Owning a car could be necessary for some places. To choose the best transportation for your needs, research the transportation alternatives in the city where you’re going.

8. Health care– International students must have health insurance to study in Canada through the Canadian government’s health insurance program. You might be able to receive private or provincial health insurance depending on where you intend to live. The essentials of provincial health insurance are covered; however dental, vision and a few other more specialized conditions are not.

9. Apply for a social insurance number– It is a unique nine-digit code used for identifying people living in Canada. To work or take benefits of Canadian government services, you need a SIN. If you are outside Canada, you can apply for a SIN by mail or in person at a Service Canada location.

10. Knowledge about Canadian culture– you will definitely find warm and welcoming people from different ethnic groups with distinct cultures. Students wouldn’t feel lonely in a new country thanks to the stunning scenery, extracurricular activities, and vibrant nightlife. Canada has a thriving economy and offers a wide range of opportunities to international students.

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