Canada Immigration and visa consultant in Bangalore in 2022

Canada Immigration and visa consultant in Bangalore in 2022- Sernexuss is a top Canada immigration and visa consultant in Bangalore in 2022. Canada recently announced its immigration levels plan and the plan has opened a huge door to multiple opportunities for Indian candidates planning to immigrate to Canada. Software, IT professionals, Doctors, Scientists, Researchers, etc. are the high-demand jobs in Canada in 2022.

But achieving a Canada visa is not that easy, though there are multiple pathways through which a candidate can immigrate to Canada and there are many criteria that a candidate has to fulfill. A candidate applying for Canada has to go through a thorough application and documentation process, which requires lots of expertise because one mistake can make you lose your dream, or delay your process. So hiring a top Canada immigration and visa consultant can save you, your time, and your money.

Hiring an experienced and expert immigration consultant can help you achieve your visa in 7 to 9 months while sitting comfortably at your home, as all the processes will be handled by your immigration consultant.

How can a Canada immigration consultant help you achieve a Canada PR?

A trustworthy Canada visa immigration helps you with:

  • Select the correct visa option according to your eligibility and program requirements.
  • Explains the complete visa process for Canadian immigration.
  • Helps the candidate with language proficiency tests.
  • Handle documentation tasks for you.
  • Receive your technical evaluation report from an approved evaluating body.
  • Fill out and Submit your visa application
  • Help you with job search in Canada
  • Post landing services

Not every immigration consultant offers all the above-mentioned services but they still can charge you high fees. Therefore, a candidate should choose their consultant very carefully, the one who can help you throughout your immigration/visa process.

Sernexuss Management & Pvt. Ltd. Helps their clients with all the above-mentioned services with many other complimentary services.

What are the different visa services offered by Sernexuss in Bangalore?

Sernexuss before starting the process with any client ensures that the profile of the candidate meets all the eligibility requirements set by Canadian immigration authorities for the type of visa the candidate is applying to:

Sernexuss offers the following services:

  • Profile Evaluation

Every immigration program has different eligibility requirements, and without being eligible, a candidate cannot apply for a visa. So before starting the process with the client, we do a technical evaluation of the profile of the candidate, and on the basis of their evaluation, we start their process.

  • Complimentary IELTS training

Sernexuss offers complimentary IELTS training to each of its clients so that they can achieve good points in their language ability factors. Sernexuss has experienced and professional IELTS coaches, who can help you, develop your English language proficiency.

  • Documentation

From the start of the immigration process, till the very end, all the documentation and paperwork is managed by our documentation team, to provide stress-free services to our clients.

  • Resume Writing

Sernexuss understands that a resume plays a vital role in achieving your dream job. We have professionals who will write resumes, which will reach out directly to the Canadian employer.

Who is the best Canadian immigration consultants in Bangalore, and why?

Sernexuss is the best Canadian immigration and visa consultant in Bangalore, and this is not what we just say, it is highly believed by thousands of our clients and can also be seen in our achievements.

Our Achievements:

Sernexuss is an awardee of the International Excellence Award for the best Immigration and Study Visa Consultancy in India.

Featured on news sites:

Sernexuss is featured on many big news sites like:

  • Business Outreach
  • ANI
  • The Print
  • Indianweb2

Visa services provided at Sernexuss

  • Fast-track visa
  • Free IELTS coaching
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Preparation
  • Post-Landing Services
  • Settlement Plan

Specialization in:

  • Permanent Residence
  • Express Entry Program
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Study visa
  • Family Sponsorship Visa
  • Visitor Visa

What are the advantages of immigrating to Canada as a Skilled professional?

Here is the list of benefits of immigrating to Canada as a skilled professional:

  • Uncountable Job Opportunities

Canada’s economy is one of the fastest-growing economies. Canada has multiple job opportunities and a huge demand of skilled workers in Canada. The reason for the huge demand for workers is that Canada has a shortage of skilled workers in their labor market as Canada has a growing age population.

Skilled professionals like doctors, nurses, engineers, banking and finance, business development, sales and marketing professionals, and education providers, are in high demand in Canada in 2022.

  • Canada encourages immigration and immigrants

Canada has one of the best immigration policies; it is globally one of the most immigrant-friendly countries. Canada always encourages immigrants to immigrate to Canada, and enjoy all the rights just a Canadian citizen (excluding voting rights). Canada ensures the safety of each and every immigrant. Canada also continuously keeps upgrading its immigration system to welcome more immigrants.

  • Live in a country awarded for the ‘best quality of life’!

As per the U.S News and World Report’s 2019 Best Countries Report, Canada ranked # 1 for the best quality of life in the world.

Canada is also the dream country of millions of people who wish to immigrate to Canada and live their desired luxurious lifestyle.

  • World-class education system

Canada is one of the best countries in terms of education with many top-notch universities. The children of Canadian permanent residents can get access to free education till Grade 12.

  • Universal Healthcare System

Canada has one of the best healthcare systems, permanent residents can enjoy free healthcare facilities.

What are the eligibility criteria to achieve a Canada PR visa?

To become an eligible candidate for a Canada PR visa, and to apply for it through the Express Entry system, the candidate requires to achieve a minimum score of 67 points.

The below mentioned-table can give you an outline of the points system:

Factor Maximum Points Available
Language skills – in English & French 28
Education 25
Work experience 15
Age 12
Arranged employment (job offer in Canada) 10
Adaptability 10

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