How can I get a Canada Spouse Visa?

A Canada PR holder or Canadian citizen can sponsor their spouse to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident. Canada believes that family is an important part of society. Candidates looking for spouse visa are given top priority. If the candidate is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and meets all the requirements mentioned below, the candidate should be eligible to sponsor their spouse, conjugal partner, or common-law partner.

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Live in Canada or has the intention to do so, when the spouse or partner gets the status as a permanent resident.
  • The sponsor can and are willing to bear the expenses of their spouse or partner for three years.

  • The sponsor’s spouse or common-law partner can be qualified to apply through this stream even if they do not receive legal status in Canada since the spouse or partner will be protected by a public policy that allows them to stay there while their application is being processed.

  • Usually, the spousal sponsorship application takes a processing time of around one year. Generally, it does not take more than one year to process the application but in some cases, it may take longer because of the wrong application or documents, etc.

  • To make sure that your spousal sponsorship application is completed correctly, the candidate should take help from an experienced immigration consultancy.

What is the application cost for Canada Spouse Visa?

Here is the list of application processing fees to sponsor your spouse, domestic partner, or common-law partner in Canada. The candidate’s sponsor also has to pay for the dependent children, an additional fee of $150 for each child mentioned on the application.

  • Sponsorship fee: $75
  • Principal applicant processing fee: $475
  • Right of permanent residence fee: $500
  • Biometrics: $85
  • Total: $1135

Furthermore, the candidate also has to pay an additional $289 CAD if the sponsor lives in the province of Quebec or plans to immigrate there after acquiring permanent residency.

Documents required for Canada Spouse Visa

Here is a list of required documents for a Canada Spouse Visa:

  • filled-out application forms; 
  • Identity proof, a marriage license, police clearances from each country where the sponsor’s spouse has resided for the last six months or more after turning 18 and a police certificate are also needed.
  • A health check record of the spouse
  • Proof of payment of all needed government fees;
  • Online picture;
  • Questionnaire for Sponsorship Evaluation and Relationship information
  • A certificate of marriage (if not married, see common-law);
  • Photographs and invitations to weddings;
  • Proof of documents to prove the birth or adoption of any child, the sponsor and their spouse did together;
  • Proof of documents to prove that the sponsor and their spouse’s marriage got registered with a government agency.

The candidate should have any two of the following documents to prove their relationship:

  • Proof that the sponsor and their spouse jointly own the property.
  • Joint bank accounts
  • Invoices for utilities in sponsor and their spouse names.
  • A copy- of the government-issued ID
  • Car insurance
  • Tax returns to prove that both of your residencies are at the same address.

If the sponsor wishes to sponsor their partner, being in a common-law relationship, the immigration authority will require the following documents:

  • Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation
  • Birth certificates or adoption record for any child, the sponsor, and their common-law partner share.
  • Proof that the sponsor and their common-law partner have been living together for a minimum of a year, the evidence can be in the form of photos of the sponsor and their common-law partner proving that both of you are in a romantic connection.

Additionally, a minimum of two of the following papers:

  • Documents such as employment or insurance benefits prove that the sponsor and the spouse are each other’s recognized common-law partners.
  • Proof of your partner’s financial assistance or evidence of the two of you sharing expenses
  • Evidence to prove that both of your family and friends are aware of your relationship (letters, emails, and social media).

The sponsor must manifest the validity of their connection to be considered eligible for spousal sponsorship of any kind. Depending on the details provided by the candidate, immigration agents will verify many things. 

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